Autumn Goodness on my Squirrel Cage Swift

A quick impromptu post for you! This afternoon I decided to get out my squirrel cage swift and wind some skeins into balls ready to knit. I wound four skeins of my new Cascade Ultra Prima plus this beautiful skein of hand dyed lace 62/38 bamboo/cotton that I purchased in September 2012 from A Chronic Yarnoholic’s Ebay shop. This was way before I decided to start knitting with lace weight yarn. The colours just captivated me so I had to have it!

Lace Bamboo 2

These are the gorgeous colours that appeared on my swift when I unravelled the skein.

Bamboo Cotton Lace 01

Bamboo Cotton Lace 02

The colours remind me of autumn leaves.

Bamboo Cotton Lace 03

Bamboo Cotton Lace 04

A quick look at the growing ball of lace…

Bamboo Cotton Lace 05

Bamboo Cotton Lace 06

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to wind this ball and contemplate a project. It’s just stunning!

Bamboo Cotton Lace 07

The finished wound ball. Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bamboo Cotton Lace 08

And a closer look at those autumn shades…

Bamboo Cotton Lace 09

The pattern I have found is called Leaf Lace Scarf and it’s a free knitting pattern on Ravelry. The best part is the pattern provides written as well as charted instructions. I still haven’t been converted to charted instructions! Don’t you think this yarn will look great considering it’s the colour of autumn leaves?

Hope you had a great long Australia Day weekend. I certainly did! I’ve nearly finished my first lace scarf which I’ll show you soon.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Autumn Goodness on my Squirrel Cage Swift

  1. Reading your blog about winding the yarn, reminded me of when we were kids in the UK and Mum was an ardent knitter. We kids (boys included) would have to take turns standing with yarn stretched from one hand to another whilst Mum proudly wound it all up into super neat balls. Just love the colours in your yarn, totally superb and I look forward to seeing the scarf when it is finished. I am a bit like you with the charts, tend to look at them and think – Ergh, but have just printed a pattern out from which has all free patterns and the pattern I have chosen has a chart, so I will save that until after I have finished my current 2 projects.


    • Before swifts there were hands that held the skeins! Charts are a foreign language to me. If I do find a pattern I really like that only has a chart, I laboriously write out the pattern so I can knit it!


  2. Melanie –
    Hubby recently bought me a nice squirrel cage swift, but I can’t figure out how to use it so that the insides don’t become a wild, loose mess! My winder is mounted to the top and it seems no matter how fast or slow I go, the insides loosen up and wind themselves onto the cages. I’ve tried tightening the tension by moving the cages, but that doesn’t seem to help and I worry about stretching the yarn. Is there something I’m supposed to be doing with the inside loose piece of yarn? Is this the culprit? I’ve tried three hanks of yarn so far and every one has been an unmitigated disaster. What in the world am I doing wrong?! I could really use advise from someone who’s got the squirrel cage swift down.

    Thanks so much!
    p.s. That Autumn colored yarn is to die for!!!!


    • Hi Pamela, I’ve had the same problem with 2 ply / lace yarn but it doesn’t seem to happen as much with DK or worsted yarn. I always go relatively slowly as I know what you mean; the other end piece sometimes gets caught in the cages. Most of the time it works for me so I guess I’ve just been lucky. I love using the squirrel cage swift.


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