A Stash of Seven Spinning Wheels

Yikes I’ve bought two more spinning wheels within the last week! I’ve actually bought three within the last couple of months but I sold one of them. In December I found this lovely Little Peggy spinning wheel for sale on Ebay and I won the bidding at $101.

Little Peggy 1

It had been nicely restored and was a good find. As I already have a Little Peggy I decided to sell this one and managed to get $200 for it. This little one even came with the original threading hook which I didn’t have so I kept her!

Last Saturday I bought this Ettrick Standard on Gumtree for $100.

Ettrick Wheel 04

I used my magic concoction of 50% boiled linseed oil and 50% pure gum turps to give her a quick clean and polish and she looks beautiful now!

Ettrick Wheel 05

That little hole is for the threading hook which I have got…just forgot to put it back before I took the photo!

Ettrick Wheel 07

Here it is!

Ettrick Wheel 19

The treadle/footman had a bit of dodgy string so I’ve since used some leather to fix it up.

Ettrick Treadle Footman join

And today I picked up this Ashford Traditional plus some accessories that I won on Ebay for $51.

Ebay pic

A bargain considering it includes two hand carders plus the Lazy Kate (and four bobbins). There was also the original user manual plus some other printed spinning literature.

Ebay pic 02

As soon as I got home I gave her a nice coating of my magic concoction and she came up a treat.

Ashford Traditional No 2 01

The leather piece that joins the footman and treadle had completely broken however the previous owner had also given me some pieces of leather so I fashioned a new one and voila!

Ashford Traditional No 2 05

Luckily I had an Ashford maintenance kit as I had to replace all the hooks, spring, drive belt and I also have a nice new threading hook too!

Ashford Traditional No 2 02

I was going to on-sell this little wheel as I already have an Ashford Traditional however I’m quite smitten with the colour of this one so I’ll hang on to her for a while I think.

Ashford Traditional No 2 06

I’m quite happy with these two bargains within the last week.

Ashford Traditional No 2 09

I now have two Ashford Traditionals, one Ashford Traveller, one Little Peggy, one Wee Peggy, one Tarra Carousel and one Ettrick Standard. Seven spinning wheels you’re no doubt thinking. I know! I know! I’m crazy aren’t I? I mean you can only use one at a time can’t you?

L to R: Spinning chair, Ashford Traveller and Tarra Carousel.

7 Wheels 01

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy, Ettrick Standard, new Ashford Traditional, my first ever spinning wheel – Ashford Traditional.

7 Wheels 02

L to R: Ettrick Standard and two Ashford Traditionals.

7 Wheels 03

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy and Ettrick Standard.

7 Wheels 04

Now I need to get cracking and start using them all. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….there are just not enough hours in the day.

I think my new mantra should be “I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree, I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree…..” What do you think?

Until next time…


15 thoughts on “A Stash of Seven Spinning Wheels

  1. Hi Melanie. I was wondering if I could be cheeky and pick your brains please?! I’ve got the opportunity to buy a Wee Peggy. It would be my first wheel, and it sort of found me (but it’s a little way from me so won’t have chance to view before I buy. I’ve been reading up (your posts and links have been fantastic thanky) and have discovered it’s a Rappard. Now I’m in the very north of Scotland, UK and did think that with the Shetland links things like bobbins would be easy to find but alas no! I’m still not put off, but am wondering if this ok as a starter wheel. I had been looking at Ashford Travellers and Kromski Minstrels. Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!


    • Hi Sara, thanks for contacting me. A Wee Peggy would be a perfect starter wheel. Are you a member of Ravelry? It’s free to join if you’re not and I would highly recommend it as they have many forums and one is dedicated to Wee and Little Peggies ( http://www.ravelry.com/groups/wee-peggy–little-peggy-spinners ). You can ask questions on the forums and get lots of information. I would also recommend the New Zealand spinning wheels website ( http://www.nzspinningwheels.info/rappard.html ). As far as bobbins are concerned, if you can find a wood turner he could probably make some for you. That’s what I did. The Ashford Traveller is also a great little spinning wheel. I haven’t used a Kromski so I can’t comment. I started off with an Ashford Traditional and have just bought my 12th spinning wheel!! I sort of got hooked on them and love collecting these gorgeous pieces of fine craftmanship. Good luck and grab that Wee Peggy before someone else does. Cheers, Melanie


  2. I absolutely love looking at your little collection of wheels! I am in the USA and would certainly consider taking any of the Peggys off your hands!! They are gorgeous as is the Ettrick! I have a traditional and several others but *need* a Peggy. I wish they would make themselves available on my local craigslist…


  3. Your wee Peggy is very like mine which I bought this weekend . I’ve just oiled her wood and machine oiled her Merle bits so not squiky but having a bit of trouble getting her to spin any ideas what I am doing wrong ?


  4. What a wonderful thing to do. Restore wheels and pass them onto eager new (or old) spinners. I love your enthusiasm. Loved reading your blog because I am a mad spinner and love to read what a when I can about what others are doing.

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