My Socksie Slippers

Now that summer is officially over here in Australia and we’re into autumn, I can really start planning some cold (okay cool) weather knitting. Last winter I experimented making some slippers to scuff around in my home. This is my first attempt.

Socksie Slippers 01

As you can see, they weren’t quite snug enough around the ankle so out came the crochet hook and a few rows of crocheting did the trick.

Socksie Slippers 11

A different coloured cuff for each slipper. The slippers are made using two strands/balls of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash which is a 10ply (worsted) 100% wool. The result is a pair of very soft and comfy socksie slippers which I’ve called ‘Autumn’.

Socksie Slippers 12

This is my second attempt using yellow and brown Ashford Tekapo 8ply 100% wool.

OMG it looks like I have the feet of a hobbit!!

Socksie Slippers Tiger 03

Because this wool is a bit sturdier the slippers sit nicely on their soles which I made a bit wider to cater for my wide foot. I’ve named these slippers ‘Tiger’.

Socksie Slippers Tiger 02

Both pairs of socksie slippers were made using size 6mm needles.

Socksie Slippers Tiger 07

Unfortunately I didn’t write the pattern down straight away and now my notes don’t all make sense. So this means I’ll have to make another pair and write the pattern a bit more clearly as I go so I can share it with you.

Now I just need to wait patiently for winter which isn’t due for another three months 😦 I love winter here in Brisbane.

Before I go I’d like to share my little ‘invention’ with you. I’ve been knitting a scarf from Bambu 7 (purchased from BB Yarn Supplies in Brisbane) which is on a spool. It was very fiddly trying to wind off the bamboo yarn as the spool went everywhere so this is what I came up with!

Spool Caddy 01

A nifty use of a cheap plastic basket that I bought from one of those discount stores.

Spool Caddy 02

All I did was grab three bamboo skewers, cut off the sharp points, taped the ends together, fed the skewers through the very conveniently placed hole, slipped on the spool, fed the skewers through the other side and then secured each end with a clothes peg. Voila! the spool winds effortlessly and does not go all over the place.

Spool Caddy 03

I  can also slip the pattern, knitting, notebook and pencil into the basket and I have  another knitting caddy! I surprise myself at times with my good ideas 🙂 I hope you can also make use of this idea.

Spool Caddy 04

Until next time…


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