A Rainbow ‘Happy’ Citron Shawl

They say that bright colours make you happy. Well, if that’s the case you should all be happy after reading this post!

I’ll start with the yarn first. Would you have fallen in love with this brightly coloured yarn? It’s a new one this season for Spotlight called Fayette. It’s an 8ply / DK, 60% wool / 40% acrylic blend.

Moda Vera Fayette Frenzy 02

This colourway is called Frenzy. Don’t you just love it? Reminds me of a macaw.

Moda Vera Fayette Frenzy 04

The pattern is called Citron and is free on Ravelry. It’s a pattern one of my friends was knitting not long ago in a similarly coloured yarn. I was quite captivated with it so decided to make a Citron shawl as well.

Here it is …………….

Rainbow Citron 01

Are you happy yet?

Rainbow Citron 02

I started the shawl using size 4mm needles and felt that it wouldn’t turn out as large as I wanted it so after a few rows I progressed to size 5mm needles but still wasn’t satisfied so I jumped onto size 8mm needles which made it lovely and big enough to wrap right around me.

Rainbow Citron 04

This is a picture taken with the shawl on the floor to try and give you an idea of its size and shape.

Rainbow Citron 05

The size 8mm needles really show the m1R holes in the shawl but at least they’re all evenly spaced! Would you believe the last few rows of the frill are knitted in a different yarn as I ran out of the Frenzy. I used a crepe 8ply / DK yarn of similar colours. You’d hardly notice the difference.

Rainbow Citron 06

I only did a gentle blocking as I didn’t want to disturb the gentle rouching throughout the shawl.

Rainbow Citron 08

or the frill along the edge.

Rainbow Citron 09

You could say I am very happy with this shawl. What do you think of it?

Rainbow Citron 10

I hope I have lifted your spirits if they were in need of a lift 🙂

Today I am off to join a yarn bombing exercise at the Terrace Cafe in Cleveland. We’ll be yarn bombing a cane chair. It’s part of a Curated Spaces Project being undertaken by Redland City Council so I am hoping a few people turn up. It should be fun! If you look at the picture at the bottom left hand side of the link it shows a small piece of my yarn bombing from a previous project….the brown/cream stripey looking knitting.

Until next time…


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