Lifeline Bookfest Bonanza

Today was the first day of the four-day Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane and I was up early and ready to go in time for the doors to open. Unfortunately I was about 15 minutes late as there were roadworks along the way which resulted in detours. I had to calm myself down as I was so keen to get there. Not to worry, I managed to get a park near the stairs into the Brisbane Convention Centre where this event is held twice a year (January and June). It’s the highlight of my bibliophile and yarning life as it’s where I buy my books and my knitting pattern books. You can pick up some absolute gems at this Bookfest.

I was a bit despondent as I trailled up and down the aisles in the high priced section as I couldn’t find any knitting books (plenty on scrapbooking and quilting mind you) so I zipped into the $2.50 section where they have lots of stationery and it’s here I found lots of lovely little notebooks which I seem to be collecting at an alarming rate!! I use them to track my knitting rows and also to record any modifications I make to patterns. You could say I have a stash of notebooks now.

This little bundle cost me $1 each except for the largest notebook and that one was $2.

One dollar notebooks

These were also $1.

One dollar notebooks 02

And these were only 50 cents each!

Fifty cent notebooks

After the stationery section I high-tailed it to the magazine area so see what I could find. This section is the only one where there’s just boxes on the floor and you have to bend down to fossick in each box to find what you’re after. A bit hard on the old back I must say. There were so many vintage pattern books to pick from and these ones tempted me.

Vintage yarn books

Plus these pattern books also caught my eye.

Assorted knitting patterns

I was just about to pack it in as I was a bit weary by then plus all that bending and crouching down was getting to me too when I stumbled across the mother load. I seriously thought I’d need to get medical help as my heart rate jacked up, my breathing quickened and my eyes lit up. And all because I found these magazines. What a beautiful bonanza!!!!!!

Spin-off (a spinning magazine from the US)


The Wheel (published by Ashford Spinning Wheels in New Zealand). In my state of excitement I didn’t realise I’d picked up two the same. Not to worry, I’ll pass the second one on to a friend.

The Wheel

Australian Knitting Magazine

Aust Knitting

Creative Knitting (and yes, there’s two of them here again – not to worry I have lots of yarn friends)

Creative Knitting

Piecework (I’ve never heard of this magazine but after Googling it I realise it’s distributed through the Interweave website)


Yarn Magazine

Yarn Mag

One copy of Embellish (which also happens to be the very first copy published so you could say I have a First Edition!)


Plus these assorted magazines

Assorted Knitting Mags

Wow I have heaps and heaps of wonderful yarnie reading material and I am soooo excited about that. I can’t wait to plonk myself in bed tonight and start reading them. My only dilemma is how can I read them and knit at the same time!

I am exhausted as I immediately photographed my buys and wrote this blog post when I got home….I didn’t even stop for a cuppa! So that’s what I’m going to do now. I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you!

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am. Until next time…




3 thoughts on “Lifeline Bookfest Bonanza

  1. I will have to get in earlier than you next time Mel, only a couple of notebooks left when i got there. Glad you were able to find such a great range of items. I also came home with many reading books and a couple of scrapbooking ones.


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