Autumn Willow Woods Shawl

Over the last couple of years I’ve collected lots of free Ravelry knitting  patterns, printed some off and actually used quite a few to make garments. At a recent Knit and Knatter session, I noticed one of my friends knitting this lovely colourful shawl with gradient dyed yarn. Upon looking at the pattern, I realised it rang a bell which meant I’d probably printed it from Ravelry and put it away safely. When I arrived home I checked and yes, there it was!

Despite the fact that I have a stash of yarn that could probably rival a yarn store, I didn’t have any gradient dyed yarn so I emailed Angela at Shorn Fibers as I knew she had some for sale in her Etsy shop. I actually had a special request as I wanted particular colours. Angela was wonderful; she gave me lots of different undyed 4ply base yarns to pick from plus she sent me photos of my gradient colour suggestions. We called my commission ‘Autumn Gradient’.

These are the colours we agreed upon….
Shorn Fibers Autumn Gradient 00

And these are the two wound balls of yarn…

Shorn Fibers Autumn Gradient 2

The yarn is called Tuff Sock and is an 80% merino / 20% nylon blend. I used 135g for this shawl.

Now to the pattern….it’s called Willow Woods Shawl and it uses 5.5mm needles which means the shawl knits up quite quickly.

What a difference a blocking makes! This is what the shawl looked like before blocking.

Willow Woods 01

And here is the blocked shawl. Doesn’t the pattern ‘pop’ out now?

Willow Woods 08

Willow Woods 03

What a difference! I can’t believe how perfectly the dyed sections worked out. As you can see only a little bit of the fringe was orange; most of it is the rusty brown. Trust me, that wasn’t planned at all!!

Willow Woods 09

It just goes to show you how important blocking can be when knitting particular garments. It blocked to almost twice the size and now you can see the lacy pattern. Whoops I’ve just realised I haven’t shown you a photo of the shawl on my mannequin.

Willow Woods 04

Willow Woods 05

Willow Woods 06

I love the edge of the shawl which is knitted on.

Willow Woods 12

and the delicate patterning…

Willow Woods 13

Willow Woods 14

Heaven only knows what I was thinking when I ordered this yarn. For some reason I ordered twice as much as I should have. Doh! Not to worry as I might even make myself another Citron scarf with the other ball, however, I’ll start knitting with the rusty brown first so the colours are reversed.

Willow Woods 10

Now winter had better arrive soon!! We’re already in June and we haven’t experienced any really cold days. I have hundreds of socks and shawls (okay maybe not that many) to wear and I need some cold weather!!

Happy World Wide Knitting in Public Day everyone! I will be joining my friends at Knit and Knatter this afternoon so we’ll definitely be knitting in public.

And on Tuesday I’ll be at the Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day. I can’t wait to see what goodies I can gather!

Until next time…



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