Victory Wrap

When I first saw this yarn on my computer monitor as I was looking as Shorn Fibers’ latest yarn creations, I knew I just had to have it. I mean….wouldn’t you want to own these strikingly gorgeous colours? The top yarn is a superwash 100% merino worsted yarn and this colourway is called ‘First Beach’.

Shorn Fibers First Beach and Malarkey 02

The yarn at the bottom ‘Malarkey’ also caught my eye as it looked as though the green colour was very similar, if not the same, as the green in ‘First Beach’ so I purchased it.

I didn’t have a project in mind however whilst reading through my myriad scarf/shawl patterns that I’ve downloaded from Ravelry, I came across this pattern which used two different colourways and was written for 10 ply yarn. It’s called Victory Wrap and was the perfect pattern for my yarn!

OMG, as I was knitting the wrap I couldn’t believe how soft the yarn was and how beautiful the colours were.

Victory Shawl 01

And once I added the lace fringe I was totally in love with this wrap. Even if I say so myself, I think it is absolutely stunning.

Victory Shawl 03

I wore it to work a week or so ago with a black skirt and black top and the beautiful colours around my neck really ‘popped’.

Victory Shawl 04

I am so happy with this project. And thank you Angela from Shorn Fibers who creates some of the most stunning colourways (remember my Serengeti Scarf?).

Victory Shawl 05

Victory Shawl 10

Victory Shawl 16

Victory Shawl 08

Yes, I went a bit crazy taking photos of this shawl. In total, I took 26!!

Victory Shawl 26

Victory Shawl 07

It’s not long now until I go on holiday to Noosaville for two weeks where, again, I will regale you with my holiday knitting and spinning adventures. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to pack my little Peacock spinning wheel, wool, niddy noddies, squirrel swift, wool winder, knitting projects and whatever else I can fit in!  At this stage, I doubt very much whether I’ll be taking my push bike with me. I guess the spinning wheel is more important don’t you think?

I remember last year how many people stopped and chatted with me as I was knitting on the riverbank of the Noosa River. I wonder how many will comment this year, especially as I sit there with my spinning wheel!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Until next time…



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