Yarning from Noosaville # 1

Yay! It’s finally here…. my annual sojourn to Noosaville. I arrived yesterday after an early rise, packing my car, driving up, doing some grocery shopping and settling in. I was quite exhausted to say the least. It also happened to be the coldest Brisbane morning in over a 100 years and yet I certainly didn’t feel it. Must be because I was moving around so much.

From working in a very cold building to being at Noosaville is a massive weather change. It’s beautiful in the sun and there are people wandering around in swimmers and shorts. I’m not that game though. It’s still cool enough in the shade to wear some of my handmade winter woollies…thank goodness as I brought quite a few with me.

This is the view of the Noosa River from outside my unit this afternoon. Can you see the lone stand-up paddler?.

13-07-14 01 Noosaville

Looking up the river towards Tewantin…

13-07-14 02 Noosaville

Directly outside my unit. I wish I was brave enough to drive one of those huge RVs so I could travel around the country.

13-07-14 03 Noosaville

The colourful sails of a catamaran…

13-07-14 04 Noosaville

Now to get down to the knitty business. Over the last few days I’ve gone mad and started three projects. Here’s a sneak preview. The first one…

Nikolai Shawl 01

No 2…

Pi Shawl 01

And No 3 (don’t you just love that yarn!)…

Sunday Sunrise Shawl 01

I don’t usually show you my projects until they’re finished but I’m in a generous holiday mood! Can anyone guess the name of each of the patterns?

I’m off to have dinner on the banks of the Noosa River with some dear friends of mine who live up here. Good food, good wine and even better company….it’ll be a great evening.

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “Yarning from Noosaville # 1

  1. Lucky you Mel. Looks like good weather too. I like the colour of Project No. 1. But then I’m a “greenie” tool.

    Re the RV – we used to own a yellow bus with black stripes (like those American school buses) which was done up as a motor home. And yes, I DID get to drive it. Lots of wonderful memories there.


  2. Have a wonderful time Mel. I look forward to reading all of your posts whilst you’re there. It’s been freezing him in Castlemaine. A big frost this morning! 4 degrees at 10am after I walked the dogs! It’s no wonder they weren’t happy during their walk. I’m looking forward to the Sheep and Wool show coming up next weekend in Bendigo. Always a great event!


    • Thanks Maria. Going to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show is on my bucket list. Quite a few of my friends are there at the moment so no doubt I’ll hear about their adventures very soon. Enjoy yourself and buy heaps of yarn!


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