Yarning from Noosaville # 2

I’ve brought along my spinning wheel and some wool tops to Noosaville so this morning I sat down and started spinning some undyed merino as I am hoping to visit a friend of mine on my return home for a ‘dyeing’ session. And yes, those floor tiles are blue! In fact the whole unit is decorated in 1980s blue and yellow!

14-07-14 01 Noosaville

My intention is to take my spinning wheel down to the river bank to do some spinning but it was quite windy today and I’m not sure how I’d go controlling all these wool tops! So it was back to knitting for a couple of hours…

14-07-14 02 Noosaville

It was getting a bit cloudy and cool so back to my unit I toddled grabbed my backpack and camera and took a brisk walk around Noosaville and snapped these gorgeous pictures.

A stunning orange hibiscus…

14-07-14 05 Noosaville

A hidden beetle (aren’t those colours amazing!)…

14-07-14 07 Noosaville

Some summery yellow gazanias…

14-07-14 09 Noosaville

A beautiful red hibiscus…

14-07-14 10 Noosaville

One of my favourite shrubs…the croton. I had no idea possums liked eating croton leaves. I’ve actually seen a possum sitting in my croton shrub and demolishing the leaves which I’m not too happy about I must say.

14-07-14 11 Noosaville

This lovely green/gold leaf shrub…

14-07-14 14 Noosaville

A stunning bird of paradise…

14-07-14 15 Noosaville

And finally, this lovely pinky/red coloured plant. I have no idea what it is though…

14-07-14 16 Noosaville

As I was heading back home I dropped into a warehouse store that was closing down and found these three sheep looking for a home! I had to rescue them of course. They sure look happy to be at my place don’t they?

14-07-14 17 Noosaville

Now, my friend Helen will think I have finally lost the plot as I already have two of these sheep at home. Oh well, I’m a sucker for a sheep…or five!

To finish off I’d like to share with you some beautiful photos taken by a friend of mine. She showed them on Facebook and I was immediately drawn to them. I have her permission to show them to you. They’re photos of the remains of S.S. Dicky taken at Dicky Beach at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast which is not far from where I’m staying.

Dicky Beach Sunset July 14 01

Aren’t those colours spectacular? Mother Nature at her best. Thanks Debra for taking such stunning photos.

Dicky Beach Sunset July 14 02

That’s my news for today. It’s now getting a bit dark and time for me to snuggle up with my dinner and my knitting and watch some telly.

Until next time…



8 thoughts on “Yarning from Noosaville # 2

    • It’s a little Sony cyber shot 7.2 mega pixels DSC-S730. Nothing flash at all. I’ve had it for years but it does take some lovely photos, particularly during the day. I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of photos with it….all the photos on my blog in fact.


  1. Thank you for posting my photos Mel. I’m hoping to get better and better, but only practice will achieve that. Your flower photos are stunning. Beautiful colours. Well done!


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