Element Shawl

It’s been very windy in Brissie (and Noosaville too) so I still haven’t managed to take my spinning wheel down to the river bank as there’s no way I’d be able to contain the wool from flying everywhere! So it’s spinning in my unit and knitting on the river bank.

As a change of pace, I’m going to show you a shawl I finished a few weeks ago. It’s from the pattern called Lorna Shawl and is another crescent shaped shawl.

Element Shawl 01

It drapes beautifully and looks quite spectacular.

Element Shawl 03

Those two rows of K2tog, yo add a dramatic effect to the pattern

Element Shawl 05

Here’s the shawl showing its crescent shape.

Element Shawl 02

Unfortunately I had to make the ruffle a bit shorter as I didn’t have enough yarn. Ruffle pattern is: R1 kf&b, R2 P, R3 K, R4 P, R5 K, R6 K. I also did a stretchy cast off. K1, *YO, K1, pass first knitted st and YO over the last stitch knitted. You now have one stitch on your rh needle. Continue from *. I eventually ran out of my yarn whilst casting off and the closest yarn I could find was an acrylic. Not ideal but the best colour match I could find in my stash.

Element Shawl 06

Element Shawl 07

Element Shawl 08

The yarn I used is Skein’s Alpaca Merino Worsted which is a 60% alpaca / 40% merino worsted / 10ply. It is so soft and is ideal for this pattern. The colourway is called Element and is a very earthy and natural colour.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Element 02

Another shawl done and dusted!

Element Shawl 04

Today I’ll spend some time knitting (or maybe crocheting) on the river bank followed by a night spent with friends and overnight at Lake Cooroibah. If the weather is fine tomorrow we’ll spend the day boating on the Noosa River. I’m loving my holiday!!

Until next time…


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