Moseley Park yarn plus more!

I thought I had discovered all the good yarn suppliers in Australia but apparently I hadn’t! Moseley Park Yarn is situated on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and is run by Jane and Ian who grow wheat and sheep. They also live off the grid, so no mains power; they have a solar array, with a small wind generator and a back up diesel generator. They also have another farm at Poochera which is 200kms West of Kimba where Jane has her dyeing and fibre studio. It was while surfing Ravelry that I discovered Moseley Park.

Moseley Park

And when I saw the ‘Specials’ icon on the website I had to have a quick look and lo and behold look what happened.

Three skeins of Wilcherry which is a 50% wool / 50% silk 4ply / fingering yarn. AU$14 each!

Moseley Park Agnes

Moseley Park Lena

Moseley Park Otto

One skein of Mawula which is a 100% superwash Blue Faced Leicester 4ply / fingering yarn. AU$11.00.

Moseley Park Finn

And two 50% Blue Faced Leicester / 50% bleached tussah silk tops in this gorgeous colour. AU$15.00 each. They’re 150g each too!

Moseley Park Eugene 01

You can be guaranteed that I’ll be adding Moseley Park to my list of favourite yarn suppliers!!

Here’s a cute little ceramic sheep wearing boots that I bought a couple of weeks ago on my way home from work. Isn’t it just the cutest little sheep!

Sheep in Boots 03

Protecting some of my spinning wheels!

Sheep in Boots 04

I also picked up these 5 x 200g balls of Shetland Natural Cream 10 ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills at only AU$12.50 each.

Bendigo Cream 10 ply 01

They will come in very handy for when I decide to do some more natural dyeing.

Bendigo Cream 10 ply 02

I was very naughty this morning as I dropped into Spotlight on my way home from filling up my car with petrol. Couldn’t resist these bargains…

Moda Vera Biscay which is a 70% acrylic / 30% alpaca 12ply / bulky yarn. It is incredibly soft.

Moda Vera Biscay Green 01

Moda Vera Cyclamen which is a 46% wool / 35% polyamde / 19% acrylic 12ply / bulky yarn.

Moda Vera Cyclamen Green 01

Moda Vera Cyclamen Grey 01

Moda Vera Instinctive which is a 100% premium acrylic 8ply / DK yarn.

Moda Vera Instinctive Green 01

Moda Vera Instinctive Brown 01

Moda Vera Faith which is a 40% acrylic / 30% mohair / 30% wool 4ply / fingering yarn. I already have the pattern lined up for these little beauties.

Moda Vera Faith Green 01

Moda Vera Faith Blue 01

I don’t usually buy blue yarn but these colours were exceptionally beautiful; they reminded me of the blue ocean…

Moda Vera Faith Blue 02

Moda Vera Faith Blue 03

And finally, the last two ball of this Moda Vera Noir which is a 75% wool / 25% nylon 4ply / fingering yarn. I don’t believe Spotlight will stock this any more so I’ve managed to pick up a couple more balls as I rather like it for knitting socks.

Moda Vera Noir Beige Mix 01

All the Spotlight yarns were half price which was a bonus! You’ve probably figured out by now that when it comes to yarn I have absolutely no self control!

Don’t forget to check out Moseley Park Yarns if you’re looking for a new yarn supplier. BTW this is not a sponsored post. I simply like to recommend any good yarn suppliers that I stumble across as I believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising and us knitters should always tell each other about our good finds!

Moseley Park

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Moseley Park yarn plus more!

  1. Hi Mel,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I jumped straight onto their website when I read your post and snagged some gorgeous sock yarn for myself and also some to spin up myself. The quality is absolutely stunning! So great to have such a lovely yarn supplier here in Australia!


    • That is fantastic! I’m so glad you let me know. I often recommend yarn suppliers that I really like and you’re the first person who’s advised me that you’ve actually bought some yarn. I do hope you like it. I’m really happy with my purchases from Moseley Park. Hope to hear from you again. Cheers, Melanie 🙂


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