A Nifty Little Storage Solution

How opportune after blogging about my stash storage dilemma I should happen upon this nifty little set of drawers. It takes up hardly any room at all. In fact, I’ve placed it in a spot that was too small to use for anything else.

CD Drawers 01The drawers were advertised for $30 on a local buy and sell Facebook page I follow. It’s actually for CDs but I saw its potential as a notions storage centre. As it’s made from wood I gave it a polish with my magic solution of 50% pure gum turps and 50% boiled linseed oil. The drawers came up a treat!

It’s fantastic for storing my buttons.

CD Drawers 02Love these sheep buttons…

CD Drawers 03Orange – one of my fave colours!

CD Drawers 04Love these vintage buttons I picked up from a charity stall…

CD Drawers 05Very handy for all those little bits and pieces us knitters collect…

CD Drawers 06CD Drawers 07And on top of the drawers I’ve recycled two tin cans that held wafer biscuits in a previous life. They now house my crochet hooks and long bamboo dpns (divided into zip lock bags).

CD Drawers 08You could say I am very pleased with my investment of $30.

CD Drawers 09Now isn’t that a great way to re-use a CD set of drawers?

CD Drawers 10Until next time…



9 thoughts on “A Nifty Little Storage Solution

  1. Nice find! My craft room’s out of control again, I’m a targeted WIP blitz in 2015 will free up space. Home dyed, un-spun tops are beautiful but not space efficient. Finishuary here I come 🙂


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