Loving my Leftie!!

I am absolutely loving this Leftie I must say. It’s probably not the most flattering name for such a beautiful pattern but I’m assuming it’s called this because you do use lots of left over yarn to make this gorgeous scarf.

This pattern is one of three (you get a 10% discount when you buy three and you know how much I love a bargain!!) I recently purchased on Ravelry from German designer Martina Behm (Strickmich). The other two patterns are Endless Rainbow and Miss Winkle. I’m so fixated on Leftie (nearly finished my second one!) that I haven’t started the other two patterns yet.

What do you think of it?

DSC06967It makes me realise how many socks and shawls I’ve made as I sure had plenty of left over 4ply / fingering yarn to pick from!

DSC06969This is such an easy knit as it’s mainly garter stitch, p2tog, kfb and some w&t for the leaves. It’s a great social knit as it didn’t take me long to memorise the pattern so I didn’t have to refer to it after a while.

DSC06970I ended up with just over 200 sts before casting off after knitting 30 leaves. I used 2.5mm bamboo circular needles. There was a bit of fiddling towards the end as I tried to coax and manoeuvre the stitches along the plastic cable. I have heaps of long stainless steel circular needles but none in size 2.5mm!!

DSC06971The  main cream yarn I used was 135g of Bendigo Woollen Mills Superfine Sock which is a 75% merino / 25% nylon yarn. I bought four skeins of the 4ply plus four skeins of the 2ply and 10ply for only $12 per skein recently with the aim of using the yarn for dyeing purposes. I’m so glad I hadn’t started dyeing as the yarn was a perfect pick for this scarf.

BWM 2ply 01Here’s a glimpse of all that beautiful left over yarn I used. Each time I selected a yarn it brought back memories of its original project so this was quite a nostalgic knit too.
DSC06972DSC06973DSC06974DSC06975The colours really ‘pop’ against the cream yarn.DSC06977I love this green/yellow/orange variegated yarn. The short colour repeats really work well for this leaf pattern.

DSC06978It’s pure luck that I managed to get the two colours in this leaf.

DSC06979Three lovely variegated leaves!

DSC06980One more look!

DSC06968As I mentioned, I was so happy with this scarf that I immediately started another one which I have nearly finished.

Here’s a quick peek!

Leftie Scarf # 2 02Today is the first Knit and Knatter for 2015 and I am so looking forward to catching up with my friends and having a yarn or too. I’m interested to see what everyone has made over the Christmas/New Year break and what projects they’re now tackling.

Until next time…