What is it about orange??

I remember back in 1977 when, as part of a married couple, I purchased my first house which was the ubiquitous high set timber home of those days in Queensland. There were two main colour schemes for the kitchen benchtops and they were orange and lime and I had the orange. Consequently all my kitchenware was also orange including some of my Tupperware.

Orange retro 02Orange retro 03Orange retro 01My lounge room was also adorned with orange bits and pieces. Yes, that was the 1970s. Fifteen years ago I moved into my current home which had a very pale pink colour scheme so I filled it with ‘pinkish’ accessories with the odd splash of purple.

MainBedroomMainBedroom_2That colour scheme lasted for many years until about four years ago I became heartily sick of pink and purple and decided to do some major renovations like ripping up my carpet and replacing it with lovely large ceramic floor tiles. It was also time for a new colour scheme so I concentrated on green downstairs as I still had a couple of nice mats which had pink and green in them. Green is also very ‘cool’ and easy on the eye.

02aLounge04aLoungeThe main bedroom also received a major makeover and initially I used only neutral colours.

000Hhmmm that’s a bit bland I thought. I need an accent colour. And out of the depths of my past came the revitalised colour ‘orange’! So I went ‘orange mad’ with accessories.

DSC01469More flowers…

DSC01476Teddy even received a new orange bow…

DSC01482And then I crocheted this blanket which also featured orange…

Starburst Blanket 09When visiting shops I kept zeroing in on ‘orange’.

Black lady hangers 02Scarf orange 02I was becoming more and more obsessed with orange. Help!!

Shoes coralMy tissue boxes even had orange in them!

Tissue Box 04And then ‘orange’ overtook my yarn purchases!!

Shorn Fibers Serengeti 07Shorn Fibers Merino 4ply Oranges and Lemons 02Marigold Silk OrangeCascade Superwash 220 Burnt Orange 01Sullivans Cotton-A Orange 01Ice Baby Batik Red Yellow Orange White 4Lily Sugar n Cream OrangeOrange Merino 250g 2Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply TangerineCascade Ultra Prima 3750 TangerineModa Vera Playful Orange 01Mirasol 'Tuhu' 02And consequently my projects turned ‘orange’…

Country Charm Washcloth Coton-A Orange 01Baby Hat Orange 02Serengeti Scarf 01Tangerine Yolo 002Vest Apricot 02Pumpkin Pie Hat 04DSC00887Cowl Vesuvius 04Simply Sensational Citrus Socks Maidenhair Fern Socks 5OMG I think I have a problem don’t you??

And to top it off, this is what I bought yesterday…

Kia Sportage 17-1-15 01A brand new Kia Sportage Si Premium in the gorgeous colour Techno Orange!!!

My little red Hyundai Excel that I’d had since new will be 17 years old in June this year and although she only has 76,000 kms on the clock I felt it was time to upgrade from a manual to an automatic. I went to a couple of car dealers and most of the colours they were offering were either white, black, grey, silver and red. Boring!!! I want ORANGE!! so I persevered and found my ultimate orange car.

I’m happy 🙂 Hopefully I’ll pick her up at the end of the coming week.

Do you have a favourite colour that you’re obsessed with?

Until next time…





10 thoughts on “What is it about orange??

  1. Mel, you are a little OCD in everything you do and that is what makes you so interesting. I wonder what your next “project” will be?


  2. Hi Mel, I have the lime green Tupperware canisters like your orange ones still in use today. My kitchen was green with pine cabinets. My mother had a kitchen with orange bench tops and the accessories to go with it. Orange was not one of my favourite colours and I did not wear orange clothes, preferring greens. However, orange is not just orange, as your photos show. It can be copper, bronze and a whole range of other lovely shades. Your post made me chuckle. Seems you have come full circle.


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