The ‘Revenge’ Chair!

If you’re like me you probably subscribe to those ‘daily deals’ emails that seem to bombard your inbox every day: Groupon, Spreets, Grabit, Our Deal, eSold, etc etc. Not long ago an email from Deals Direct popped into my inbox and I was immediately drawn to the deal which was usually AU$149 and now on ‘sale’ for AU$129. It was called the ‘Revenge’ chair based, of course, on the infamous chair that Victoria Grayson sits on in the Revenge TV show.

Revenge chair 11Now the chair I bought isn’t quite as flash as Victoria’s chair but I bought it with a purpose in mind.

Revenge chair 01And that purpose is to use it as a spinning chair!

Revenge chair 06It will also come in handy as an extra chair when I have visitors. I love the fact that it has such a large base compared to my original spinning chair which I managed to pick up ages ago when I bought a package of second hand spinning goodies.

Chair 09To give my back extra support I simply use a nice plump cushion.

Revenge chair 08I tried it out this morning and finished spinning this gorgeous blend of merino and silk called ‘Peppercorns’. I must say I was quite comfy sitting in my new chair and spinning away.

DSC07074The chair takes up more room than the small spinning chair but that’s okay; I can live with that. I’ve just rearranged things a tad. I’m getting good at that!

Revenge chair 07The Parisian print is also very subtle and blends in with any decor.

Revenge chair 09Another little ‘sheepy’ knick knack that I picked up from my local Reject Shop (which sells quite a lot of sheep bits and pieces) is this cute little doorstop.

Sheep Doorstop 01His legs are weighted down so he’s not going anywhere in a hurry! I’ve moved my old spinning chair near the front door for the time being. It comes in handy when I need to plonk my bag down somewhere.

Sheep Doorstop 03What do you think of my new spinning chair? Do you use a traditional chair or a more comfy one?

Revenge chair 03I might add that it was very easy to put together and the postage was very quick too.

Paris chair 04Revenge chair 10I’ve just sold some wool on Ebay and now I have to search through my stash to find it as I can’t remember the safe place that I stored it. Yikes!

Until next time…