Lealt Socks – Pair # 35

Not long ago I felt the sudden desire to knit another pair of socks. I guess I was experiencing sock knitting withdrawal symptons! Who’d have thought that is actually a condition! I looked through my plethora of sock knitting patterns and suddenly remembered this little book that one of my spinning friends had given to me a couple of years ago. Thank you again Tricia πŸ™‚

Vogue SocksUpon reading the book I found a lovely pattern called Lealt Socks which was not too easy and not too hard. In fact, it was just right πŸ™‚

I actually had a similar coloured sock yarn in my stash to use. It’s Patons Patonyle and specifically made for socks.

Lealt Socks 03The socks came out a treat. You’ll have to excuse the colour variations in some of the photos which is due to the camera and taking photos outdoors I think.

Lealt Socks 08The heel is quite interesting too. Not sure how long you could wear these socks before the heel might start annoying you though.

Lealt Socks 11But you’d have to admit, it is very pretty.

Lealt Socks 13The Lealt pattern is quite exquisite too.

Lealt Socks 12This is the true colour of the yarn.

Lealt Socks 16Which is not too far removed from the colour of the yarn used in the pattern.

Lealt Socks 02Now I just need to wait patiently for winter to arrive so I can wear them!!

Lealt Socks 09Lealt Socks 07Lealt Socks 14To finish off I’d love to show you some little gifts I received on my birthday which was Friday the 13th. My friend Helen gave me this cute little sheep, a ball of bright orange 4ply cotton and she made the card too.

Helens presents 02And my friend Stephanie gave me a lovely fabric scarf with butterflies on it. Rather than using wrapping paper she used this gorgeous little orange basket and tied it with some orange ribbon. So clever and now I have this little basket that I can use.

Stephs present 01How lucky am I?

Until next time…



6 thoughts on “Lealt Socks – Pair # 35

  1. Lovely birthday gifts! Those socks are interesting. I would love to knit them, but I would change the heel to something I know will last because we wear socks 9 months out of the year and sometimes more.


  2. Hi Mel,
    I have just spent a very hot day here in Melbourne searching for sock patterns, found a few my mother in law gave me “way back” (she was a sensational knitter and I loved her dearly)
    but they were not quite what I was looking for. Lo and behold!!!! you have posted this fabulous inspiration………..there truly is a sock goddess!!!!
    Love what you do xx


    • Hi Jacqueline, thanks so much for your kind words. If you look at my Ravelry page (MelsNattyKnits) – there’s a link from my blog – you’ll see that a lot of my projects (particularly the earlier ones) are socks and most of the patterns are free so you’ll be able to access them via Ravelry. There’s lots for you to pick from so you’ll be busy for a while πŸ™‚


  3. Happy belated birthday!! I love your socks. I agree the heel probably would not go well in shoes but the socks-heel included-are absolutely beautiful!


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