A Riot of Yarn Colour

Okay, you must admit it’s been a while since I’ve shown you any yarn purchases hasn’t it? I’ve really tried to restrain myself and not buy any more yarn and I’ve been relatively successful but could not resist these beauties.

Five balls of this gorgeous Bendigo Woollen Mills Bloom which is a 100% plied DK wool. Each ball weighs 200g and was only AU$10!!

BWM Bloom Green 01This is a graduated changing yarn.

BWM Bloom Green 03And the same yarn in orange….of course…..you know how much I love this colour!

BWM Bloom Orange 01I thought I’d been sent one ball in apricot until a friend very kindly pointed out that it’s probably part of the graduated colour change and she was right.

BWM Bloom Orange 03 I bought these four skeins of Fleece Artist Aran yarn on Ebay a couple of weeks ago from my favourite Ebay yarn shop – A Chronic Yarnoholic. I’m not usually one to buy blues but I just couldn’t resist the combination of these blues, greens, purples, mauves and yellows. Simply stunning!

Fleece Artist Blues Aran 01How could you not love these colours!

Fleece Artist Blues Aran 06This yarn is 100% linen but I don’t know the manufacturer. They’re another Ebay purchase.

Linen Orange 01This is thirteenth offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s ART WALK Series which features a painting by Chin H. Shin entitled “Magical Night in New York “. Inspired by Shin, Zen Yarn Garden’s dyer has successfully captured the vibrancy of the colours of the painting.

Zen Yarn Magical Night 05Beautiful colours aren’t they?

Zen Yarn Magical Night 07Chin has been concentrating on New York cityscapes for the last two years after becoming inspired by the streets of Manhattan. The culture, history, music, and movies of New York serve as a guiding force for his paintings. Technique-wise, he has been influenced by Korean calligraphy and the wild brush strokes of Expressionism. All of these elements have influenced Chin’s work. His goal is to transform these street scenes of daily life into a form of visual poetry. Ultimately, he is looking for an extremely positive mental satisfaction found in his work. This can be broken down technically as light and color; light standing for hope for our future. Hopefully, viewers will understand the intended message Chin is trying to send through his paintings. Moreover, his painting is based on realism, but he believes that there is an unlimited possibility of variations. Whenever he starts a new painting, he paints with curiosity and childish dreams with enormous energy. His painting style uses bold lines and colorful brush strokes, and completes with unique texture. Psychologically, his painting is based on extreme optimism and humanism. [quoted from Chinhshin.com]

Zen Yarn Magical Night imagejpgI bought two skeins of this yarn – Serenity Silk Single which is a 75% superwash merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk 4ply / fingering yarn and contains 430 yards / 100g in each skein.

This is the fourteenth offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s ART WALK Series which features a painting by Andy Warhol entitled “Stamped Lips “. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour. Inspired by Warhol, Zen Yarn Garden’s dyer has successfully captured the vividness of the colours of the painting.

I expect my yarn to arrive tomorrow in the post so I’m showing you a picture that I found on Zen Yarn Garden’s website. It’s really quite different isn’t it?

Zen Yarn Stamped Lips Warhol 03Andy Warhol’s art defined a decade and a culture. Warhol (1923 – 1987), the founder of Pop Art, was also a filmmaker, writer, actor, music video producer and celebrity. He depicted American mass-produced goods that he loved, revealing the beauty within mass culture. “Lips” embodies Warhol’s belief that popularity is beauty—the allure lies in its repetition. “Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” – Andy Warhol  [quoted from Art.com]

Zen Yarn Stamped Lips Warhol imageAs usual, I bought two skeins of this Serenity Silk Single yarn.

I purchase all my Zen Yarn Garden yarn through Australia’s sole distributor – Yarn Glorious Yarn in sunny Brisbane!

That’s not really too much yarn is it???

Until next time…





2 thoughts on “A Riot of Yarn Colour

  1. They are all beautiful yarns. Do you have patterns in mind when you purchase them? Do you put them in storage with a pattern?


    • A bit of both. Sometimes when I’m packing a particular yarn in a zip lock bag I’ll slip a pattern in as well. Other times as I’m looking through my patterns a yarn will pop into my mind and then I’ll match them together. But generally I just buy yarn as I can’t resist it 🙂


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