Where is Autumn?

autumn_evrgAutumn: a simple word but to me it heralds the end to a hot and humid Brisbane summer. It’s when I can think about gearing up for cooler weather and look forward to winter eventually arriving. Autumn means it’s more comfortable for knitting and spinning but having said that I try to knit 365 days a year and I spin throughout the year although I do more in winter.

It also means that it’s getting closer to when I can start wearing my knitted scarves and socks of which I have sooo many!!

But more importantly autumn means those gorgeous colours that I love so much…

Autumn image 1-tileThose explosions of stunningly beautiful golds, oranges, rusts, browns, reds and greens (and even pinks).

Autumn image 5-tileThey simply take my breath away…

Autumn image 10-tileNow you can see where some yarn dyers get their inspiration from…

Autumn image 14-tileAnd that’s why I tend to lean towards these autumn shades when I purchase my yarn…

Zen Yarn Garden Pumpkin Pie Spice 04Shorn Fibers Serengeti 07Shorn Fibres Autumn Leaves 3Autumn Cowl 01Autumn Citron 01Sunset Shawlette 01Moda Vera Harmony 02Moda Vera Hue 01Moda Vera Spinnler 02BWM Bloom Orange 03BWM Bloom Green 03I don’t think you can beat these colours when it comes to the range of different shades and their affinity to nature.

If you want to see a real display of autumn colour, you can’t really beat the autumns in Melbourne…

Melbourne autumn 1-tileSONY DSCWhat do you think? Doesn’t autumn offer such a wonderful palette of colours for yarn dyers?

So wonderful in fact, that Zen Yarn Garden created this gorgeous autumn inspired yarn combo of three skeins which I am going to use to make Melanie Berg’s Ashburn Shawl.

Zen Yarn Autumn Splendour 01Zen Inspiration Autumn 03And now back to the title of this post? Where is Autumn? We are now one third through Autumn in Brisbane and it is still summer!!! The last couple of days have been quite humid and yesterday we had a huge storm. I want it to start getting cooler!!! It certainly does not bode well for a cold winter does it?

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted any completed projects lately, it’s because I have a number of small ones on the go and one large project that I started in January that is taking quite a while to complete. But the good news is that I only have four more rows to go until it’s finished!

Only four rows you might say. But each row is taking me about an hour to do as I’m using beads and there’s more than 600 stitches in each row. Yes, it’s my first attempt at a real laceweight shawl. The pattern I’m knitting is Athanasia Andritsou’s Wavy Leaves and Butterflies Shawl. Once it’s finished I’m going to have to psych myself up to block it. I actually have two other projects that need blocking as well 😦

To me blocking is like ironing and emptying the dishwasher; I simply don’t enjoy it! In fact, I have to be in the mood to block a garment. I’m always so happy once the job is done as the garment looks wonderful after a good blocking but the process is too tedious for me.

What about you? Do you like blocking? I wish I could out-source it to someone who loves to block 🙂 Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Where is Autumn?

  1. a shawl is not finished till it is blocked and i love how it come sout so normally cant wait to block but since i live in Vic cant really help you, Autumn has hit here weather wise and WASP wise, the leaves have not changed color yet and like you I love the colors of Autumn,I have about 10 maple trees, since I am a May person could have something to do with it.
    The shawl I am working on is down to 650 stitches that still gives me 165 rows to go . I have been working on it since November ,on the way to work I am getting two rows knitted on a good day, unable to knit on the way home most of the time. Hopefully now it is down that low it will go quicker .it is sandy Terps Magical Earth shawl and i am knitting it in a one ply rainbow coloured yarnfrom Ixchel bunny farm beautiful yarns if you have ever bought any.
    enjoy you blog thanks for sharing


    • Hi Elizabeth, yes I certainly agree blocking makes a huge difference. A non-knitter friend asked me recently what blocking was so I showed her a picture of one of my shawls unblocked and then blocked and she was simply amazed at how the pattern comes alive once a garment is blocked. I had a look on Ravelry at the shawl you’re knitting and I may have to purchase that book. Knitting lace shawls is certainly time consuming but once you get into the groove it’s quite therapeutic knitting. Thanks for leaving your message and I hope to hear from you again soon. Cheers, Melanie PS I finished the shawl last night and I’m very pleased with it. Love all the beads in it and I’m so happy with my first attempt.


  2. I lived in Darwin for 35 years and of all the things I missed most it was the wonder of Autumn. I would get so excited when I was sent to Canberra or Melbourne in Autumn. I still have a pressed leaf from Canberra – probably from the 90’s and although the colour is gone it still invokes the memory of that walk to look at the changing leaves in Canberra. thanks Mel for those wonderful photos. Dianne


  3. You’ll be pleased to know it is cooler here – you should get plenty of use our of your hats and scarves when you visit NZ. Hopefully it gets cooler for you in Brisbane soon!!


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