The Final Countdown!

Only a few more sleeps and I’m off on my cruising adventure around New Zealand 🙂 I have set aside today for the main packing effort along with taking photos of some finished projects, visiting my parents, expecting a visit from my son, tidying up my back courtyard and winding one final skein of yarn. It’s going to be a very busy day.

But first I want to show you another one of my One Row Handspun scarves made with my own handspun. It was spun quite a while ago and as you can see I was still getting the hang of spinning as it’s still a bit chunky looking or as I like to call it ‘rustic’.

Rainbow 2 Handspun Scarf 01I love the fact this scarf is reversible and is such an easy knit.

Rainbow 2 Handspun Scarf 04Yesterday at Knit and Knatter I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting one of my local readers. Thanks Denise for coming along and I’m so glad you found us through my blog. Denise was knitting a pair of socks on circular needles – toe up in this beautiful self striping yarn in the colourway Almalfi Coast. The yarn is made by Simply Socks Yarn Company.

K&K 28-3-15 02While we sat in air conditioned comfort a Suitcase Rummage was happening outside. A few of us bought one of these cute little sewing organisers for only $10 each. They’re handmade and embroidered and included the notions as well. Aren’t they simply gorgeous?

Sewing Notions 04Sewing Notions 02Sewing Notions 03I love these Knit and Knatter gatherings as it’s such a wonderful opportunity to unwind, catch up with like-minded friends and knit or spin to my heart’s content! Although we were small in number this week (seven) we still had a fabulous time.

K&K 28-3-15 01I must fly as I have heaps to do. You may not hear from me for about three weeks but hopefully I’ll have lots of news for you on my return.

Until then….stay safe and happy crafting 🙂



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