Beaded Wavy Leaves and Butterflies Shawl

My friend Gillian made this gorgeous Wavy Leaves and Butterflies Shawl (minus the butterflies) and I was quite captivated by it so I set myself a challenge to make one myself. This was my first attempt at real lace knitting and using beads too!

My first mission was to find the correct yarn. Gillian had used a cashmere/silk blend as it draped beautifully so I hopped onto Ebay and searched through one of my favourite Ebay yarn seller’s stores (A Chronic Yarnoholic) and found two skeins of Posh Yarn’s Audrey Lace in the colourway Turn Your Face Up to the Sun. It’s a 60% silk / 40% cashmere blend in beautiful golden shades. The cost was quite extravagant at $48 a skein but I wanted a quality yarn if I was going to put in all the work of knitting a lace shawl with beads.

Posh Audrey Lace 01In total I probably used 180-185g of the 200g I had. I really wanted to make sure I had enough to make a nice large shawl. Now, you’re probably going to think I’m mad but I do hate knitting from charts (and there are others like me to!!) so I sat down and wrote out all the instructions and typed them up before I started knitting. Yes, it took a while but it made it so much easier for me.

I had to contact the pattern writer to clarify the chart instructions. Once she explained it to me I felt like a bit of a dork. It goes to show that every day can be a huge learning curve. Thank you toΒ Athanasia Andritsou for kindly helping me out. I wrote some notes on my Ravelry page about this shawl if you’re thinking about knitting it.

This was also my first attempt at nupps and I used the crochet hook method using this video tutorial.

Wavy Leaves Shawl 19But rather than do too many nupps I used lots of beads – 736 in total! The beads I used were from Over the Rainbow:

5 x 06-MIX06 6/0 Miyuki Seed Bead Mix – Golden Grains – 12.5g each
1 x SB6-556 6/0 Dark Topaz AB Seed Beads – 12.5g (plus a few more from another tube)
1 x SB6-10 Beads – 25g
I just added the beads randomly and was quite ecstatic with the end result

Wavy Leaves Shawl 15Wavy Leaves Shawl 15 Wavy Leaves Shawl 20I started the shawl on 26 January 2015 and finished it on 22 March 2015 but it sat languishing until I got around to blocking it on 1 July 2015 (I hate blocking!!).

It was a mammoth effort as the shawl is rather large to say the least!

Wavy Leaves n Butterflies 01I am quite proud of myself for persevering with this project. Here is the completed shawl.

Wavy Leaves Shawl 05It was a bit difficult to get far enough away so I could get the whole shawl in the photo.

Wavy Leaves Shawl 08Wavy Leaves Shawl 06This is what I call a ‘scrumptious’ shawl as it wraps around so easily and the beads provide a sense of weighted security.

Wavy Leaves Shawl 07I can’t believe I painstakingly added 736 beads with a crochet hook!Wavy Leaves Shawl 11Here’s a picture of the border with the ‘butterflies’ above it.

Wavy Leaves Shawl 12Wavy Leaves Shawl 14Wavy Leaves Shawl 21I haven’t actually measured my shawl but suffice it to say it is large!

Wavy Leaves Shawl 03Maybe my next lace/beaded shawl will be a tad smaller. I might add that the whole shawl was made while I was laying in bed and watching TV which made is so much easier as the weight of the shawl rested on me rather than hanging off the needles. I do most of my knitting at night in bed watching TV. Where’s your favourite place to knit?

I hope I have inspired you to try a lace/beaded shawl. And don’t be afraid to contact the pattern writer if you get stuck. I would highly recommend this pattern as Athanasia responded to my question in an extremely timely manner.

Happy knitting! I’m off to Sheep Thrills for social knitting and then to meet a couple of friends for lunch in Noosaville. I am loving my holiday!

Until next time…



12 thoughts on “Beaded Wavy Leaves and Butterflies Shawl

  1. beautiful shawl I am the opposite of you I translate written words to graphs just so much easier to see where stitches should lie and what stitch goes where.Most o my knitting is done on the train at 5.30 in the morning on the way to work with a couple of guys to egg me on or keep track of what i am knitting. I find it is easiest place for lace knitting as the lighting is so much better and maybe the concentration is better at that time of day as well who knows.But i certiantly cant add beads while on on the train that knitting is kept fro home certiantly much easier to add beads with the crochet hook that si for sure than pre stringing them have tried both ways and prefer the crochet hook


    • I used to do a lot of knitting on the train too when I worked in Brisbane City. These days I walk to work so can’t knit or read πŸ™‚ I love the way we are all so different when it comes to charts and written instructions.


  2. This is truly a work of beauty. The beads add a wonderful touch. Gold is not one of my favorite colors but your shawl tickles my fancy. Love the blog and your stories. I have a beaded shawl to knit with many added beads. This winter might be the time to give it a try. I spent last winter and this Summer knitting for others. I have a scarf, poncho and cowl to knit for my sisters who do not knit but keep a running list of what they want me to knit for them.. You inspired me to work on my beaded project. I sit in my family room in a lift chair (lifts my legs up and down) and use an Ott light to see what I am knitting.


    • Thank you so much Sharon! You are very generous knitting for your sisters; you’ll need to teach them how to knit πŸ™‚ It’s so important to have good light when you’re threading the beads as they are so small.


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