Bark Socks – Pair # 40!!

I felt the need to knit a pair of socks not long ago and luckily I had the pair in mind I wanted to attempt. A lovely blog I follow written by a New Zealand knitter and pattern writer is called KiwiYarns Knits and she (Wei S. Leong) recently released this gorgeous free sock knitting pattern on Ravelry called Bark. I only tend to knit cuff-down socks on 5 dpns so this was a pattern made for me.

Bark Socks 12The pattern is very easy to memorise and is a great one for talking and knitting at the same time 🙂 Don’t we all love to do that!

Bark Socks 10My favourite heel flap too.

Bark Socks 13I picked up 18 sts along each side of the heel flap as I always pick up an extra one to avoid that notorious little hole that can sometimes appear.

The yarn I used is Dyed By Hand Yarns Tough Stocking which is a 75% merino / 25% nylon sock yarn in the colourway ‘Tyger Tyger’.

Tyger_Tyger_-_Tough_StockingI love all the orange and golden hues in this yarn. It’s just glorious. I have 37g left so that will go towards another Leftie as I sold mine at our recent Open Day.

Bark Socks 04Bark Socks 07Another pair of socks off the needles. I really do love this pattern.

Bark Socks 16Bark Socks 02I cast on a rather ambitious project a couple of nights ago. Ambitious because it will involve interfacing and sewing a lining (uuggghhh!!). It’s a project bag with a sheep on it and it’s from the pattern # 28 Lamb Diaper Bag. I’ve nearly finished the back which is just all stockinette stitch. I might have to ask my sewing friends for some help when it comes to the sewing. I guess that means I’m going to have to get my new sewing machine, which I’ve had for a few months, out of the box 🙂

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Bark Socks – Pair # 40!!

  1. I love the colourway you chose to knit the socks in. It is gorgeous! And of course you’ve done a lovely job of the socks. I loved knitting them too for the reason you mentioned! Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

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  2. this just goes to show how people can come up with nearly the same colourway on the opposite side of the world without being accused of copying! I am knitting a pair of socks at the moment which I dyed myself as I am a yarn painter and it is so close to the pair you have just finished. I have almost finished my and I don’t have your email or anything so I don’t know how I would post them to you. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them.


  3. okay I will send photographs once they are finished but don’t expect and be finished in a hurry as I’m still recovering. By that I mean I have an ongoing progressive disease but then I had a serious falling accident and I’m having to relearn all sorts of things. I never gave up with the knitting though I sat there error it makes evening determined that I would need to pair of socks and each evening I would have two frog them and start the next evening and each evening I got a bit further before I had to frog until finally I did the whole of each toe without having to frog and then I started on the pattern and did have to frog again but not so much until now it is second nature to me again. I can’t tell you how almost heartbroken I was over the fact that I could not net and what if I never could!
    (By the way I use a speech to type tall and it is not perfect but I can’t be arsed to go round and fix the errors and trust that my readers will understand what I’m trying to say.) E


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