Beanies Galore!

While I was on holidays in July I met another spinner who told me about the Australian Hand Spinners and Knitter FB Group so I promptly joined. Little did I know what a ‘busy’ group this is, so much so, that I had to turn off my FB email notifications as my in box was permanently overloaded!

It was on this FB group page that someone posted a comment about their purchase of the Addi Express Kingsize circular knitting machine. These were available in some Spotlight shops through Australia and a few people were purchasing them along with the 40% off voucher that Spotlight had sent to its members.

You know what’s coming now don’t you? Yes, I hopped into my car and drove to my local Spotlight and searched around but could not find one until I looked up a little higher and saw two sitting on the top shelf. I grabbed one and took it to the check out and instead of paying AU$250, it was AU$150. That’s a nice saving. When I got home I posted on the group page that I’d bought one and there was one left at this particular store and lo and behold within an hour or so someone else posted they’d bought that last one!Addi machine 3Addi machineThis weekend I got a few balls of my cheap $2 a ball acrylic out of my stash and thought I’d experiment making a few beanies for my son and his mates.

Addi machine 2I love these camouflage colours!

Beanie khakiThey are all double thickness, fully reversible and the best part for the boys is that they’re machine washable πŸ™‚

Beanie beigeLook at the pooling in this yarn; it was not planned. Looks great doesn’t it? Each hat took one ball.

Beanie blueBeanie blackI used two different colours for this beanie so either colour can be worn by simply turning the beanie inside out!

Beanie blue greenThis is a fantastic little machine and there’s also an Addi King Loomers and Knits FB page you can join where you can pick up lots of tips and where there’s access to lots of videos.

Addi also makes an Express machine for knitting smaller beanies or wrist warmers. You can also knit back on forth on my machine. I still have to investigate that part of it.

Just to finish off, I bought this gorgeous sheep mug on Ebay.

Ebay coffee mugJust what I need…..another sheep mug πŸ™‚ Some more pics of my beanies. By the way, each one took less than an hour to make!!

Beanies blue green Beanies Brown black Beanies khaki 2Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Beanies Galore!

    • As you can see I don’t like being idle. I have so many crafty things to do that relate to spinning, knitting and crocheting. I’m knitting a project bag at the moment and it will involve sewing a lining so I’ll have to brush up on my sewing skills. I even managed to buy some lovely fabric with sheep on it to use as the lining πŸ™‚


  1. Hi! I have an Addi too and love it. At first it was a great stash-buster but now I keep buying yarn to feed my habit. Try Spotlight’s Magic Stripe Yarn with the Addi – it gives a great patterned effect.


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