March Hare Scarf

The start and finish dates of this project are a record for me and that’s because I started with the unspun fibre which arrived on 16 November from Ixchel Angora Bunny and Funky Fibre Art. The scarf is made from one 100g Happy Tiger Bunny Tops which is a blend of Hemp, Suri, Silk, Eco Merino, Angora Bunny, Llama.

March Hare 11The fibre was spun, plied and ready to knit prior to 23 November as that is when I started my scarf.

March Hare 03I used the free Ravelry pattern The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief as it shows off the colours so well as there’s limited intricate patterning involved. It’s a great social knit too as there’s no complicated pattern to follow.

March Hare 01The lovely glint you can see is the gold metallic thread that I used to ply with so my yarn would go further.

March Hare 05I love the beautiful rustic shades in this yarn.

March Hare 06I finished my scarf slightly different to the pattern. After an eyelet section I completed a few knit rows and then a picot bind off.

March Hare 10The finish date for this project was 3 December so that is less than a month to spin, ply, wash, niddy noddy, skein, wind into a ball and knit! That is amazing for me!

March Hare 08Of course, credit must go to Charly McCafferty who’s the person behind Ixchel Bunny. She does such an amazing job ‘inventing’ all these wonderful colourways.

March Hare 13March Hare 09March Hare 07It’s been slightly cooler in Brisbane this weekend and a bit rainy too so it’s perfect for spinning. Yesterday, I finished spinning another Ixchel Bunny top called Minions and today I will ply it.

Ixchel Minions 04I’ll probably ply this fibre with some blue rayon thread. And then I want to think about my next Inkle loom project. Oh! so much to do in so little time πŸ™‚

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