Daleks in Manhattan Shawl

What an intriguing name for fibre isn’t it? But those are the kinds of names you find on Ixchel Bunny‘s fibre labels πŸ™‚ I found this absolutely stunning Cashmere Fling (Cashmere-tencel-Glitz-Bamboo-5/40/40/5) through a Ravelry destash about a year or so ago.

Daleks originalThe fibre was so incredibly soft and luxurious so I decided not long ago that I needed to actually spin it. I used one of my upright spinning wheels which is a fairly recent acquisition although I still don’t know the maker.

Spinning Wheel 01I had fun and games as some of the fibres kept curling back on themselves as I was spinning. Must have been a bit of static electricity in the air.

Daleks 05I plied the spun fibre with yellow rayon thread and was pleased with the look.

Daleks 06Daleks 07I decided to use a pattern that could really show off the yarn and settled on The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief except I made it a lot larger; I basically knitted until I had enough left to cast off. I am soooo happy with the finished shawl πŸ™‚

Daleks Age Brass Steam 02Oh my gosh it has the most amazing soft and silky drape to it. What I also did was to cast off using a nice picot edge and added a small orange bead to each picot. It took ages and ages to do but so worth it.

Daleks Age Brass Steam 09The beads came from a cheap shop and were only $2 a packet. They’re rather a bright orange but as all the colours in this shawl are bright, they blend in perfectly.

Daleks Age Brass Steam 14When I first wrapped the shawl around me the slight weight of the beads made such a huge difference as they kept the shawl firmly on my shoulders. Definitely a great idea to use the beads.

Daleks Age Brass Steam 06I used size 5mm needles which has resulted in a relatively open stockinette stitch look.

Daleks Age Brass Steam 08Daleks Age Brass Steam 17I really love this pattern as it shows off the different colours without losing them in a complicated pattern. The eyelet rows add an interesting feature too and definitely break up the rows of stockinette stitch.

Daleks Age Brass Steam 19Daleks Age Brass Steam 03And you could always wear it this way if you prefer πŸ™‚

Daleks Age Brass Steam 05I may even enter this shawl into the fashion parade at the Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day in June this year.

I do have another braid or two of Cashmere Fling which I am quite looking forward to spinning.

Until next time…




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