The Four Seasons Summer Socks – Pair # 47

You’re getting to see these socks before the pattern has even been released! This is one of the three pattern test knits I’ve been busily completing over the last month. For this test, I had to complete both the socks as they’re a mirror image of each other. What do you think?

Summer Socks 12Surprisingly, I actually followed the chart rather than the written instructions which is not usually how I knit. Because the pattern chart didn’t look too ‘busy’ it was easy to follow and I soon got into a rhythm.

Summer Socks 02Such beautiful detail in this pattern. It’s a six stitch cable and looks lovely.

Summer Socks 10I love the pattern in between each cable. It amazes me how pattern writers come up with these fantastic pattern ideas.

Summer Socks 05The yarn I used is Shorn Fibers MCN Sock in the colourway Kelp. Beautiful and soft and a pleasure to knit with; must be that bit of cashmere 🙂

Shorn Fibers Kelp 01A beautifully turned heel even if I say so myself 🙂

Summer Socks 03Summer Socks 04Last night I started the second sock of another test knit which means I have only that sock to finish and the second sock for another test knit. Alas, when I checked my emails this morning, one of those pattern writers has already released another sock pattern for test knitting and has earburned me so I’ve committed to another one!! Luckily, I only need to finish the one sock 🙂

Summer Socks 16Summer Socks 17Yesterday I finished another scarf on my 30cm Ashford Knitters Loom and today I want to warp up another one so that I can do a little every day.

Tomorrow I’m off on a bus trip to Noosa which includes a cruise on the Noosa River which I am really looking forward to. I’ll take some knitting on the bus with me as it’ll take a couple of hours to get there. Can’t waste a precious minute 🙂

So much to do and so little time to do it in 🙂

Until next time…