# 17 Genesis ‘Arnon’ Spinning Wheel from New Zealand

I am soooo lucky!!! The stars aligned for me again yesterday 🙂 I was at the QldBaysideYarnClub‘s monthly yarn gathering when one of our members arrived and told us she’d been to a number of garage sales that morning and had spotted a spinning wheel. She very kindly took the phone number of the seller and showed us all a picture of the wheel. Of course, my interest was immediately piqued 🙂 I rang the seller to ascertain if the wheel was still available (as it was then later in the afternoon). It was, so I left the group a little earlier than usual to view the wheel. Luckily, it was only about a 10 minute drive too. This is what I found…

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 01Swoon!! Seven bobbins too!! The original price was $150 and my friend told me the seller would probably take $120 but I cheekily asked whether she’d take $100 and she agreed. It was late in the afternoon and I think she just wanted most of her items sold. Apparently the wheel was bought in New Zealand around 30 years ago. It hadn’t been used in years as was evidenced by the squeaky noises coming from her when I turned the wheel.

She’s a little Genesis ‘Arnon’ wheel. Genesis wheels were made by Hans Schouten of Hokitika, on the West Coast of the South Island. The first one was made in 1980 from macrocarpa and Southland beech. He made many more after this, improving on the original. Genesis wheels came in two varieties. The ‘Justus’, which is carved into the front of the table.The other Genesis model is ‘Arnon’. Like ‘Justus’ it is carved with its name and a motif, but the table is a more rounded shape and there are holders for more bobbins.

Thank you to Mary Knox who administers the New Zealand Spinning Wheels site for this information. This information is also contained in Mary’s book New Zealand Spinning Wheels and Their Makers which she has provided free for those of us who love our spinning wheels and wish to find out more about them.

Mary states you are welcome to make and share copies, but please do not use anything in them for any commercial purpose. You may quote from them but please mention where the quotation comes from.

This is written under the table of my Arnon.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 17 I believe this is what it says 18/3/86 Hand crafted by Hans Schouten – Genesis Creation – Hokitika. Did you notice the date? I bought it yesterday which was 19/3/16 which means this little wheel was 30 years and one day old when I bought her! Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 18This morning I quickly took her apart to start the job of cleaning and oiling as she was a bit stiff and creaky. All the usual gear came out! The Lazy Kate rods were a bit rusty but I managed to get a lot of the rust off using steel wool and WD40. I smeared some spinning wheel oil on each one before returning the bobbins onto them.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 06She’s looking better already!

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 07Voila! Look at that shine!

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 08Look at that beautiful carving on the table 🙂 And the very handy inbuilt Lazy Kates.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 10And there’s Arnon engraved on the front of the table.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 09Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 14This aspect reminds me a little of the Wee Peggy – there is no front maiden upright. This makes lifting the flyer off so much easier.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 11If you look carefully you can see the original threading hook hanging upside down. It’s always a bonus to have an original threading hook as they’re so easily lost.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 13I can’t wait to start spinning on this little baby but I have to wait for the oil to dry completely. I used my usual concoction.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 15Happy dance 🙂dancing-snoopy-happy-dance-1542582yipeeee_snoopyOne more picture of this beautiful spinning wheel.

Genesis Arnon Spinning Wheel 12So, I am now the owner of 17 gorgeous spinning wheels 🙂

Until next time…



16 thoughts on “# 17 Genesis ‘Arnon’ Spinning Wheel from New Zealand

  1. How lucky you are!! Beautiful spinning machine and you said you have seventeen of them? wow!! Congratulations for such awesome purchase. I love spinning machines especially those that where made long time ago, they just have a lovely character to them.


    • I love all the intricate wood work that is involved in making a spinning wheel. They’re all such wonderful items of furniture than can be shown off. I’m very pleased with my little Genesis Arnon 🙂


  2. you are one very lucky lady…. well done. I have an old wheel from my sister… lots and lots of rust and no markings…. will have to get out the steel wool and the wd40…

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  3. Lovely – and quite a coincidence – just 2 days earlier, I went to a spin-in and photographed a Genesis Justus that someone was spinning on! I wish WordPress would let me add a photo to a reply!
    (I tried pasting it but nope.)
    They are excellent wheels.

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  4. I know that the wheel has found a good and loving home, where it can spend it’s later years spinning happily. Your Arnon was signed on my birthday! (well, not the same year 😄) Have fun!

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  5. Congratulations !!! It does look a bit like Wee Peggy !!! Great buy !!! Looks all spiffy !!!
    I also love the double bobbin set up !!! And you have ” 7 ” bobbins !!!
    You also make me feel better since you have 17 spinning wheels !! My Friends, think I’m crazy
    as I have 10 wheels. ( Non spinning friends, of course !! ) Enjoy !!!
    Love reading what your doing !!!



  6. Thanks so much for this info on the Arnon Genesis wheel. I just purchased one on eBay and I couldn’t be happier. According to the seller, my wheel was custom made for her mother and was NEVER used for anything other than decoration. I held my breath when I tried her out for the first time…but she spins beautifully!


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