River Song Socks – Pair # 48

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny has been kind to you 🙂

Animated_bunny_hopping_aroundI’ve just finished the second sock to this sock test pattern knit. Another beautiful pattern from Dana Gervais. This one is called River Song and requires quite a bit of cable twisting to recreate this beautiful pattern.

River Sock Socks 02River Sock Socks 04The yarn I used is Sweet Georgia BFL Sock in this lovely shade of aqua which I thought was quite appropriate for the name of the pattern 🙂

Sweet Georgia 4ply Blue 01I have rather enjoyed these pattern test knits, especially those that only require you to complete one sock. The only problem is I have all these ‘single ladies’ that I need to finish to make a pair 🙂

River Sock Socks 06This pattern called for 2.25mm needles which makes a nice dense knit and shows off the pattern beautifully.

River Sock Socks 03River Sock Socks 09Doesn’t that pattern look quite spectacular? Heaven knows how these clever people come up with them! I’m more of a knitter than a pattern writer I have to confess.

River Sock Socks 11 River Sock Socks 12I was very lucky last week to receive a bundle of vintage books from a dear friend whose Dad was an avid spinner back in the 70s and 80s. I’ll enjoy reading these…

Cathy Books 01 Cathy Books 02 Cathy Books 03 Cathy Books 04I’ve also been having lots of fun spinning on my latest wheel – Genesis Arnon. I did some stash diving and found this very colourful rainbow roving.

Rainbow 01One more look at those lovely socks 🙂

River Sock Socks 13That’s my news for now. Hope you’re having a fun-filled Easter weekend.

Until next time…