Knitting News from Noosaville

I’m now enjoying my fourth day of holidays and you could say I am completely relaxed. That’s what Noosaville is all about: relaxation, no stress, slow living, doing what I feel like and when I want to, knitting, walking, drinking coffee, meeting friends, eating lots and just being happy!

How can you not be happy when this is your view every day?

Noosa River 9-7-16I arrived on the Saturday around lunch time and was lucky to get the keys to my unit straight away so I unloaded my car and then headed off to the grocery store to stock up for the next week or so.

On Sunday, I met some friends for a coffee and lunch and then met some more friends along the banks of the Noosa River. It was so enjoyable chatting and having a drink of wine. On the way home to my unit I spotted this lone pelican on the river.

Pelican 10-7-16Yesterday, I did a bit of walking around to combat all the food I’ve already started eating!!

Today I spent about four hours sitting on the banks of the river reading and knitting. It was forecast to be a warmer day today despite the fact we’re in the middle of winter. However, under the shade of the tree I was sitting under it was quite cool and there was a strong breeze. Luckily I had brought a poncho with me so I was quite toasty and warm πŸ™‚

Knitting on the river bank 12-7-16And then I took a walk along the esplanade and had a coffee and read some more πŸ™‚ I’m reading Linwood Barclay‘s latest novel ‘Far From True’. He’s one of my favourite authors.

Reading and coffee 12-7-16Since I’ve been here I’ve made a pair of fingerless mitts.

Cosy Thermal Mitts Grey 05And this morning I completed the first in another pair!

Good Time Mitts Cosy Naturals 01I’ll give you more details in a later post. Suffice to say, I made my first pair of fingerless mitts about three weeks ago and since then I’ve completed about 10 pairs!!

Tomorrow I am off to meet with some of the spinners and knitters at Pomona which I am looking forward to.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Knitting News from Noosaville

  1. Having come to UK in 75 from Oz, it makes me smile when Ozzies talk about the cold in Oz. Had a visit yesterday from a friend in Perth and she was telling me how cold it gets there, about like here she said! To be fair she did say about 15c but she was still cold at our 21 yesterday. I find that cold but that is my MS causes that. Your trip sounds lovely.


      • Summer isn’t great this year. Where I live, 24 is the highest but most high teens. Very wet too. Winter though didn’t happen. Yes it got cold but only at night. The days were very mild-8-10c. There was no sprung in spring. Mind you I spend almost all of my time indoors now that I can barely walk. We have a/c for our lounge which is 23 ftby13ft conservatory. I designed it. I love it. Fantastic sound system as my husband and I are both passionate about music and a TV on the wall with the sound hooked up through music system so we get true surround sound sound. The vertical blinds are lilac and are always shut as are the white roof blinds. I like it that way. I would feel exposed even though we can’t be seen. Knitting and listening to music. What could be better? Regards and I hope you get your cool period.


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