Bobbin Storage Solution!

I’ve just returned home after a two week cruise around New Zealand, which I’ll tell you about in the next couple of weeks. One thing I can reveal is that I bought lots of sheepy stuff and yarn πŸ™‚ Before I left I had visited my woodturner with a request for a few things to be made for me and he’s come through with some great work.

The first was the basic threading hook. I have a few spinning wheels in my lounge/dining area and I’m always looking for a threading hook when I move from wheel to wheel so I bought five of the Ashford hooks and I took along an existing hook with a wooden handle to my woodturner and this is what he did for me πŸ™‚

threading-hooksNow I’ll be able to hang the hooks on different wheels so I don’t have to go searching!

The second idea I had was to create a functional bobbin storage solution so that I can store all my bobbins. I based it on the Ashford Lazy Kate and changed the dimensions so it could accommodate larger bobbins and each stand can hold 10 bobbins. I had two made and these are the bare holders. I also had the small bar along the top added to add stability. This timber is lovely and light so it’s easy to carry around (even when it’s filled with bobbins).

bobbin-storage-01I bought 20 small tent pegs from Bunnings for just over $10.

bobbin-storage-05The holders were made to exact specifications so that wide bobbins (like my Peacock spinning wheel ones) would fit. Here are the pegs on the holders.

bobbin-storage-02And finally, some of my bobbins neatly stored. I’m really happy with the result. What do you think?

bobbin-storage-03And for those of you who are wondering what types of bobbins I have on each holder, here is a breakdown:

Left hand side holder: 1-3 are from an unidentified upright spinning wheel which I believe Roy McKnight may have made; 4-8 Ashford Traditional double drive; 9-10 Peacock.

Right hand side holder: 1-6 George H Young; 7-9 Sickinger Kitty; 10 Peacock.

You don’t really need a woodturner to make these; any handyman could easily do this with the right tools. Because they’re tall and don’t take much floor space, I have, for the moment stored them between the end of a wall unit and a window.

bobbin-storage-06They’re tucked out of the way and I’ll keep them there for the time being. When you live in a townhouse you have to use every available bit of space, especially when you own a lot of spinning and yarn stuff!!

PS I didn’t get all my bobbins on the two holders but I do have another small bobbin holder which I am also using. Plus of course, I have three Ashford Lazy Kates πŸ™‚

New Bobbins 02I have also been busy rearranging some of my spinning wheels and furniture and have managed to create more space by some clever placement. Now to start on my two stash rooms to try and achieve the same outcome!

Until next time…


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