Beanies Galore!

While I was on holidays in July I met another spinner who told me about the Australian Hand Spinners and Knitter FB Group so I promptly joined. Little did I know what a ‘busy’ group this is, so much so, that I had to turn off my FB email notifications as my in box was permanently overloaded!

It was on this FB group page that someone posted a comment about their purchase of the Addi Express Kingsize circular knitting machine. These were available in some Spotlight shops through Australia and a few people were purchasing them along with the 40% off voucher that Spotlight had sent to its members.

You know what’s coming now don’t you? Yes, I hopped into my car and drove to my local Spotlight and searched around but could not find one until I looked up a little higher and saw two sitting on the top shelf. I grabbed one and took it to the check out and instead of paying AU$250, it was AU$150. That’s a nice saving. When I got home I posted on the group page that I’d bought one and there was one left at this particular store and lo and behold within an hour or so someone else posted they’d bought that last one!Addi machine 3Addi machineThis weekend I got a few balls of my cheap $2 a ball acrylic out of my stash and thought I’d experiment making a few beanies for my son and his mates.

Addi machine 2I love these camouflage colours!

Beanie khakiThey are all double thickness, fully reversible and the best part for the boys is that they’re machine washable 🙂

Beanie beigeLook at the pooling in this yarn; it was not planned. Looks great doesn’t it? Each hat took one ball.

Beanie blueBeanie blackI used two different colours for this beanie so either colour can be worn by simply turning the beanie inside out!

Beanie blue greenThis is a fantastic little machine and there’s also an Addi King Loomers and Knits FB page you can join where you can pick up lots of tips and where there’s access to lots of videos.

Addi also makes an Express machine for knitting smaller beanies or wrist warmers. You can also knit back on forth on my machine. I still have to investigate that part of it.

Just to finish off, I bought this gorgeous sheep mug on Ebay.

Ebay coffee mugJust what I need…..another sheep mug 🙂 Some more pics of my beanies. By the way, each one took less than an hour to make!!

Beanies blue green Beanies Brown black Beanies khaki 2Until next time…


Margarita Hat

I don’t often wear hats in winter but when a pattern catches my eye I feel compelled to make it as was the case with this gorgeous hat called Margarita.

It’s one of the patterns in the 2015 Knitting Calendar which my son gives me every Christmas. It’s the best present I could ever ask for!

2015 CalendarMargarita Hat 01You could even place a small brooch on the brim of the hat as shown in the pattern picture.

Margarita Hat 05Isn’t it a delightful little hat?

I love the foldback brim although I must say you need to concentrate when completing some of the rows for the brim. I had to ‘tink’ quite a few rows at one stage. Maybe it was because I was sitting on the banks of the Noosa River and kept glancing out and gazing at the tranquility of my surrounds 🙂

Noosaville 30-7-15 01As the brim could have a tendency to fall forward I will probably stitch it back in about 4-6 places (one of these days!!). I always seem to avoid using a needle and thread at all costs so I wonder how long it will take me to do this!!

Margarita Hat 08The wool I used is Lana Gatto Super Soft in a lovely soft milk chocolate colour.I can highly recommend this wool; it is incredibly soft and luscious and feels wonderful against your skin. I picked it up from Sheep Thrills last year on sale for AU$6.50 a ball and I used 75g for this hat.

Lana Gatto Super Chocolate 01 I have quite a bit of this wool so I am tempted to make another hat as it is such a quick and easy knit.

Margarita Hat 15Margarita Hat 16As you know I made my first Corner to Corner crocheted throw while I was at Noosaville and I have since started two more! I managed to buy a couple of lovely KnitPro crochet hooks at Sheep Thrills and have been quite spoiled using these lovely hooks.

KnitPro crochet hookUnfortunately I only bought three sizes so I hopped onto Ebay a couple of weeks ago and found these nine crochet hooks for only AU$9.89 with free postage from Darwin. Bargain!!

Crochet Hooks 02Crochet Hooks 01I’m using the 3.5mm hook on my C2C Baby blanket and it’s fantastic! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to the traditional thin steel hook again 🙂

I also picked up this spoon on Ebay recently with a little spinning wheel on it. Very cute I thought.

Spinning wheel spoonOne of my friends recently holidayed throughout some remote parts of Australia and sent me these two photos from the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Longreach. It’s a kangaroo sitting on top of a bale of wool doing some knitting 🙂

Stockmans Hall of Fame Knitting Kanga on a Bale of Wool 02Stockmans Hall of Fame Knitting Kanga on a Bale of WoolAnd lastly here’s a sneak peek at another gorgeous yarn bowl that Kimberly from Earth & Stones Creations is making for me. It’s a lot larger that my other two and this one looks like the sheep mugs that Kimberly made for our 2015 Open Day. This is the drying stage for the bowls and mugs. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful artisan who makes these amazing bowls and mugs.

Yarn bowls drying 3a

That’s all my news for the moment. Until next time…


Now for

The Anemone Pair

It’s been a very scary few days for those who live in Central Queensland with the arrival of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Marcia. While the cyclone was hitting the coast, here in Brisbane we were experiencing lots of rain from another weather effect and then as TC Marcia was downgraded and travelled down the coast we had even more rain yesterday. It’s been a great couple of days for knitting and spinning and I’ve done both.

Today the sun has come out so I’ve managed to take some photos of three completed projects.

I bought two of these rovings a while ago and have had the spun skeins sitting in my stash for a while now. So I thought I’d make another One Row Handspun Scarf as it’s an easy pattern and I’m planning on taking the scarf to New Zealand in April. Hopefully, I’ll get to wear it quite a bit.

Anemone 01The spun yarn came out a treat and I love all the colour changes.

Anemone 06I think the scarf looks fantastic!

Anemone Handspun Scarf 05Anemone Handspun Scarf 06I used size 5mm needles as the yarn lends itself to roughly a 10ply yarn.

Anemone Handspun Scarf 07As with my previous One Row Handspun Scarf, I added the tassels. There’s eleven on each end and each tassel contains 5 x 10 inch lengths of yarn doubled over.

Anemone Handspun Scarf 09With the leftover yarn I decided to make a hat. I had no idea whether I’d have enough yarn so I just started on this pattern which is distributed by Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Anemone Handspun Hat 01Anemone Handspun Hat 02I’m pretty pleased with the result. Do you know how many photos I had to take to get these half-decent ones? Heaps and heaps is all I can say. Thank goodness for digital cameras where you can just hit the delete button because I did that a few times. I felt like a bit of a dill standing with a woollen scarf around my neck and a hat on my head in this hot weather. But it’s worth it when I manage to get a few good photos to share with you 🙂

As it’s a bit of a slouchy hat, I can fold the brim up to make it a snugger fit.

Anemone Handspun Hat 04Anemone Handspun Hat 06As you can see I did run out of yarn but was lucky enough to find this Bella Baby Alpaca Blend yarn in my stash.

Bella Baby Alpaca Blend Blue 02A cute little hat even if I say so myself.

Anemone Handspun Hat 11Anemone Handspun Hat 12I love the decreasing effect too.

Anemone Handspun Hat 13And just to finish off, I made this Ruffles Cowl a while ago. It’s a very quick knit.

Ruffles Cowl 04I can see me wearing this cowl when cruising around Milford Sound in New Zealand as that will probably be one of the coldest places I visit.

I made it with Sullivans Celtic which is a 10ply yarn.

Here’s a sneaky peek at my latest lot of spinning that I started yesterday. The colour is called ‘Outback’ and it’s one of the rovings I bought from Kathy’s Fibres.

Outback 01That’s all my news for now. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fibre and yarn.

Until next time…





Knitted Hats!

It’s not often you need to wear a knitted hat in Brisbane unless you’re off to a State of Origin rugby league game on a cold June evening (which I never go to!) but these two patterns caught my eye when I was searching through Ravelry. I think they may come in handy when I visit New Zealand next year.

The first is this gorgeous Pumpkin Pie Hat which I absolutely fell in love with (I think it may have been the colour of the yarn the pattern writer used!)

Pumpkin Pie Hat 01

You can knit the hat either in the slouch size or the beanie size. I picked the slouch size but in hindsight with my short hair the beanie size would have been better but I have solved that problem! I simply turned the brim up.

Pumpkin Pie Hat 02

Pumpkin Pie Hat 03

This is what it looks like in the slouch mode. It looks more like I’ve got a growth on the back of my head 🙂

Pumpkin Pie Hat 07

It’s certainly a gorgeous stitch pattern.

Pumpkin Pie Hat 06

It took me ages to get this photo. Thank goodness for digital cameras where you can just delete all those dud photos. I just held the camera in one hand and just started clicking and took heaps of photos. Usually there’s a few that are okay and the rest are not!

Pumpkin Pie Hat 04

And I might add that if you visit the pattern page on Ravelry you’ll notice the pattern is free until 31 December this year!

The yarn I used is Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply. I bought it a while ago and as soon as I saw this pattern I knew this yarn would be perfect.

Moda Vera Pure Wool 8ply Tangerine

My second pattern is the Dragon Leaf Hat which I managed to download at the right time as it was free for a short while. This was a ‘hit and miss’ project for me as the pattern called for 8ply / DK yarn and I used 4ply / fingering yarn and I just guessed the number of repeats. It’s a smidge loose but I’m quite happy with it nevertheless.

Dragon Leaf Hat 05

This is a bit of a’slouchy’ hat.

Dragon Leaf Hat 01

I love the pattern detail.

Dragon Leaf Hat 06

Dragon Leaf Hat 04

I didn’t block this hat as I was worried if I stretched it too much it would be much too big for me.

Dragon Leaf Hat 03

The yarn I used is Tili Tomas Artisan Sock in this lovely shade of green.

Tili Tomas Sock Yarn Grass

You could say I am quite happy with these two projects.

Now to deviate a bit. I was recently offered an alpaca fleece which of course I jumped at the opportunity of owning! This is a quick look at that fleece.

Alpaca fleece

And a look at the alpaca after it had been shorn. Priceless!

Alpaca shorn 01

I’m off to Knit and Knatter tomorrow which is being held in conjunction with a Suitcase Rummage at the Redland Performing Arts Centre at 11am so if you’re in that area, drop in!

Until next time…



My First Knitted Handspun Garments!!

I’m sooo excited as I’ve finally managed to knit my first two garments from my own handspun yarn. I didn’t think this would ever happen.

It’s gone from this…

Citrus roving 02

To this…

Citrus Handspun 01

Then this…

Citrus Handspun 19

To finally….this gorgeous hat…

Citrus Hspun Hat 01

I love this beautiful pattern…

Citrus Hspun Hat 04

I found the pattern in the Knitting: 100+ Patterns Throughout the Year: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar and it’s called Heart Vines.

Aren’t those colours simply stunning!

Citrus Hspun Hat 10

But wait, there’s more. I also made this lovely cowl too…

Citrus Hspun Cowl 01

It’s the very popular Honey Cowl….over 15,000 have been made and are featured on Ravelry.

Both my head and my neck are going to be toasty warm this winter. The pattern gives you a lovely textured and thick cowl.

Citrus Hspun Cowl 05

Depending on how much yarn you have you can make the smaller version like I did. There’s also a longer version.

Citrus Hspun Cowl 07

Here’s a picture of that beautiful textured stitch definition which is simply alternate rows of garter stitch and slip 1 wyif, purl 1 repeated.

Citrus Hspun Cowl 10

I’ve also started knitting my third garment with my second lot of handspun and have also got the third lot of handspun on my Ettrick wheel. It’s called ‘Envy’ and it’s one of the many rovings I bought from Kathy’s Fibres.

Envy roving 02

Busy, busy, busy…that’s what I am.

Citrus Hspun Hat 09

Citrus Hspun Hat 06

I hope you’re having a wonderful yarnie weekend too!

Until next time…


Alpaca Bas Relief Hat

I am slowly but surely writing stories about the knitting I completed on my recent four weeks holiday which finishes tomorrow 😦 Then it’s back to work on Tuesday. This little hat was one project I completed while I spent two of those weeks knitting at Noosaville.

I had to Google Bas Relief as I had no idea what it meant. Here’s the definition I found:

“A French term from the Italian basso-relievo (“low relief”), bas relief is a sculpture technique in which figures and/or other design elements are just barely more prominent than the (overall flat) background.

Bas relief is created either by carving away material (wood, stone, ivory, jade, etc.) or adding material to the top of an otherwise smooth surface (say, strips of clay to stone). This is a technique as old as humankind’s artistic explorations, and is closely related to high relief.”

I had no idea the name of this pattern was so profound! Anyway, here’s my Bas Relief Hat…

Bas Relief Hat 03

The pattern is in Issue 41 (Winter) of the Australian Creative Knitting magazine.

Bas Relief Hat 07

My hat is made from the softest and most luxurious alpaca yarn that I purchased in May last year from Stanmore Park Alpacas at Yatala (south of Brisbane). The weekend was an open day as part of National Alpaca Week. The yarn cost $6 for a 50g ball and I used 4mm knitting needles.

Bas Relief Hat 01

I loved every moment knitting with this alpaca yarn. As it came from alpacas on the stud I visited and was spun by the owners, it still had a few little bits of dried grass in it which gave knitting the hat a real organic and earthy experience.

Alpaca Variegated 02

I knitted my Betty Bear in this yarn as well and she is incredibly soft too. If I knit this hat again I will have to remember to add another repeat as the hat is quite snug over my rather large head!

Bas Relief Hat 10

This is the third hat I made for this winter but unfortunately due to rather mild Brisbane winter weather I didn’t get to wear any of them!! Hopefully next year it’ll be a bit colder or maybe I need to relocate to Tasmania where I’ll get lots of use from my knitted goodies.

Until next time.


My Boy’s Beanie

I found this pattern in the latest (Winter) edition of Creative Knitting Magazine which is an Australian publication. I love cable beanies and this one is no exception. I made myself one not long ago using another very easy pattern. Unfortunately, the photos aren’t very clear and don’t give you a great picture of the cables. This is due in part to my son who hates having his photo taken and gets impatient so I had to quickly snap a couple of pictures rather than take the hundreds like I normally do and then eliminate any ones that aren’t up to my exacting standard 🙂

Beanie 01

Beanie 02

I used three balls of Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8ply which I had left over from a previous project. It’s an ideal colour for my son as he’s an outdoor worker and I can envisage this beanie getting pretty dirty!

Beanie 03

I have given him strict instructions on how to hand wash this beanie as it’s wool. The last one I made him was thrown into the washing machine and he wondered why it shrunk and felted!!!

Beanie 04

It took me about a week to knit doing a little bit everyday. I used size 4mm dpns (x5). I wanted to finish it quickly as this last week in Brisbane has been quite cool and the ideal time for my boy to wear a beanie to work.

Beanie 05

Yesterday I met with the Redland Spinners and Weavers at their bi-monthly Knit and Knatter meet up at The Artist Tree cafe. It was the largest gathering since the group started and was so much fun. Met Rona, another member of the group whose knowledge of spinning and spinners is mind boggling. I love these get togethers where we can chat, swap ideas, get help and generally check out what everyone else is spinning, knitting or everyone’s latest fibre acquisitions!

I’ll miss the next Knit and Knatter as I’ll be on holidays at Noosaville where I hope to be blogging lots about the Noosa area and the yarnie projects I’ll be taking with me to complete plus new ones to start. I have a Saraste Moebius kit I bought from Yarn Glorious Yarn last year which I haven’t started yet so I’ll pack my laptop and watch Cat Bordhi’s Youtube demonstration on how to cast on a moebius. This is a picture of the completed moebius…..I only hope mine will look like this too!

Saraste 01

Well that’s my weekend news. I’ve also just finished my fourth Easy Peasy Vest using the Keep Me Warm Vest pattern which I’ll blog about in my next post. Until next time…