Crofter Spinning Wheel

Here’s a leaflet for the Crofter Spinning Wheel.

For more general information about New Zealand spinning wheels you can visit this comprehensive site dedicated to New Zealand spinning wheels and their makers. If you have information that is not contained on the site, please contact the site administrator direct (detailed on the site).


6 thoughts on “Crofter Spinning Wheel

  1. Hi – I have found a Crofter or Camelot (not sure which) and am restoring it. I think I am missing a tension nob. I have the leaflet from your site, but am wondering how to set up the band etc.
    Thanks Heaps


  2. Hello

    My Hubby has just bought me a spinning wheel and after much research have discovered it is a Crofter 😀
    I am not sure what might be missing, as I am completely new to spinning.
    Is there anywhere I can get a instruction manual, on what part is what and see if it is all there ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks

    Tina 🙂


    • Hi Tina, Have you looked at my Crofter spinning wheel and compared it with yours? If no, you can see my wheel here:
      If you are on Facebook, I would also suggest you join the group Australian Handspinners and Knitters and then post a few pictures of your wheel. You’ll get lots of comments from other spinners. Have you checked out the New Zealand spinning wheels page which is administered by Mary Knox? Your wheel could be a Crofter or a Camelot. Apparently they are very similar. As far as an instruction manual is concerned, all I have is what I’ve put on my blog. If you do find additional information, I’d love to have a copy. I am aiming to try and put as much information on my blog about discontinued wheels as I possibly can. Let me know how you go. Cheers, Melanie


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