Tarra Spinning Wheels Manuals # 1, 2 and 3

I was lucky enough to get a couple of the Tarra Spinning Wheel manuals recently when I bought my Tarra Carousel. As the company is no longer in business, I am sure they wouldn’t mind me providing copies of these manuals to other Tarra owners.

Tarra Spinning Wheels Manual # 1 can be found here as a pdf

Tarra Spinning Wheels Manual # 2 can be found here as a pdf

Tarra Spinning Wheels Manual # 3 can be found here as a pdf. (Thanks to my friend Pam 🙂 )

For more general information about Australian spinning wheels you can visit this comprehensive site dedicated to Aussie spinning wheels and their makers. If you have information that is not contained on the site, please contact the site administrator direct (detailed on the site).

13 thoughts on “Tarra Spinning Wheels Manuals # 1, 2 and 3

  1. Thank you so much for posting these manuals!!!!! I just purchased a Tarra wheel – I know nothing about spinning and most of the video I’ve been watching don’t have wheels like the Tarra. Reading these has been incredibly helpful. Thank you!!


  2. I recently found a Tarra Evelyn on gumtree in remarkable condition. Seems to be missing only the threading hook. I am most grateful to be able to print the manual booklets provided by yourself. Many thanks……and now…to keep an eye out for a carousel…..


  3. Thanks so much for posting these manuals. I have recently acquired a Tarra, Colonial I think, and these are wonderful for maintaining it. Happy spinning, Jo


    • Hi Jo, so pleased these manuals will help you. I just wish I could find manuals for all my spinning wheels! Thanks so much for contacting me as it makes me more determined to find more information about my wheels. Cheers, Melanie


  4. I hope you don’t mind, but I uploaded these 2 files on the Australian handspinners and knitting facebook group for those that do not have a manual for their Tarra wheels. I also stated the files were courtesy of melsknattyknits blog. Thanks.


  5. Hi Mel- have just bought a Tarra Colonial in great condition which I’m cleaning up and bringing back to her former glory. She’s a dream to spin on and we’re getting on well together! Thanks so much for the manuals as they will provide all the info I need


    • Hi Lyn, I would suggest you join the Australian Handspinners and Knitters FB page and post the question there as others may have this wheel. You could also check out the Australian Spinning wheels website. Hope this helps.


  6. thank you, Melanie. The Aust spinning wheels website suggests that it does, as it’s a less fancy version of the Colonial. FB might be the right track!

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