Quick Weekend Update

Just had to show you a couple of items I bought from the charity stall that’s held at least once a month where I live. I pass it on my way to work so it’s always an ideal opportunity to have a quick look to see what other crafty people are making.

You can never have enough of these very handy tea towels. I use mine every day.

Hand towel 01

Hand towel 2

I haven’t even taken this towel out of its packet yet as it is so well presented.

Hand towel 3

Hand towel 4

I can never resist these little goodies.

Yesterday I attended another fun-filled Knit and Knatter gather at The Artist Tree. I’m not in this photo as I was taking it!

Knit and Knatter 9-11-13

One of ladies made this gorgeous crocheted Afghan blanket for her grandson. It’s based on the Squaring the Big Circle pattern.


Here’s some pictures of the beautiful vivid colours in the blanket. Aren’t they simply stunning?




I took along some baby alpaca fleece that I purchased recently and one of the ladies showed me how to use a flick carder on it so that is my next purchase so I can start spinning the fleece. Busy, busy, busy. I just don’t have the hours in the day to do everything I want to do!

Until next time…


My Mobile Phone Sock and Other Weekend News

While I was sorting out my hundreds of patterns last week I came across this cute little mobile phone sock pattern so I whipped out some 8ply wool and my 4mm circular needles and quickly knitted it up.

The pattern used Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On but as I haven’t done that before and I didn’t feel like sitting at my computer and watching an instructional video, I simply stitched the bottom of the sock with the cast on tail once I’d finished. You’d hardly know the difference.

Mobile Phone Sock 07

As you can see I am quite partial to the mock cable stitch as it’s so easy and looks so effective.

Mobile Phone Sock 01

I bought this yarn from Threads and More in Brisbane. I believe it’s Naturally Natural Wool that has been hand dyed by the staff of the shop using Kool Aid.

Mobile Phone Sock 02

The pattern is a free Ravelry knitting pattern and is called Mock Cable iPhone Sock. It calls for using 4ply fingering yarn and casting on 48 stitches, however, I used 8ply DK wool and cast on 40 stitches. It’s very cute don’t you think?

Mobile Phone Sock 03

Yesterday as I arrived at my Knit and Knatter gathering at The Artist Tree I noticed there were some decorations and posters on walls and it looked like something had happened or was about to happen. Apparently Channel 9 had rung the owners of The Artist Tree that morning to let them know that Angelina Jolie would be dropping in as part of the search for locations for the filming of her latest movie Unbroken. Unfortunately the visit was cancelled at the last moment as they were held up at other locations.

Redland City area is in a tizz at the moment since this story appeared in last Friday’s Redland Times about Angelina filming part of her movie in the Redlands. This is the second major movie to be filmed here. In 2009 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Narnia Chronicles) was filmed at Cleveland Point which is so close to my home; in fact it’s on my walking route.

So it looks like the Redlands is the ‘in’ place at the moment!

At my previous Knit and Knatter get together I was given a huge cone of wool that had been donated to the craft area of The Artist Tree. It looked like it may have been a ‘rejected’ cone as there were a few rips across the top of it. I took it home and laboriously wound it into balls of wool.

Cone Wool 02

It’s quite coarse wool so I have kept some of it to knit string bags. There was approximately 6kg of wool in total. Vicki from The Artist Tree was very happy when I gave her three bags of wound wool. At least now it can be used in their craft area. Even though there were quite a few small balls caused by the rips in the cone, I did manage to wind heaps of large balls as well. This picture only shows a very small amount of the wound wool.

Cone Wool 03

One of my work mates keeps chooks (chickens) and at the moment they’re having an egg laying frenzy so I bought a dozen eggs from him. Notice anything odd about one of them?

Eggs 01

Yes, that’s right, it looks like one of them is a double yolker. There’s nothing like freshly laid eggs.

Eggs 02

I’ve saved the best for last. On Thursday as I was walking to work there happened to be a charity stall in the main shopping area so of course I had to stop and have a quick look as they were selling knitted items. My eyes instantly zeroed in onto this beautifully crocheted afghan.

Chevron Afghan 01

Isn’t it simply stunning and isn’t it a perfect fit for my two seater couch?

Chevron Afghan 02

I was told it had been crocheted by an 88 year old woman; it took her half an hour to complete each row and it cost her $36 in yarn. She was only going to sell it for $40 but her friends talked her into selling it for $50 which I happily paid as it is so lovely and I have a fair idea how many hours went into crocheting it.

Chevron Afghan 03

Chevron Afghan 04

Chevron Afghan 05

It’s actually inspired me to maybe crochet one myself one day. I have quite a bit of Cascade 220 Superwash and it would be ideal. One last photo of a gorgeous afghan…

Chevron Afghan 07

That’s my main news for this weekend. Until next time…


Mum’s Mother’s Day Wool Throw

This little throw didn’t take long to crochet at all. I simply created three small squares, joined them together and then double crocheted around them until I had one ball of wool left to use for the edging. Using the three small squares at the start enables the throw to grow into a rectangular shape rather than a square one.

Mums Throw 01

I made this for my Mum for Mother’s Day (which is 12 May in Australia). Just a small throw she can use in winter while lying on her sofa reading.

The yarn I used is Lincraft Cosy 8ply which is a 100% wool. I managed to pick it up for $2 a ball which is a $6 saving on the original price! Originally I only bought five balls but quickly realised that wouldn’t be enough so I dashed back to the shop for another five balls before the special finished.

Lincraft Cosy Wool Naturals Mix

Mums Throw 02

The colourway is called ‘Naturals’ and although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea its hues will match Mum’s lounge room perfectly.

Mums Throw 03

What I love about crocheting these types of throws in the one colourway is how quickly they grow; there’s no changing colours as you go. Once a week I meet a couple of friends for a coffee so I took the throw with me as it was an easy project to crochet and talk at the same time as there was no pattern to follow; it was simply double crochets around and around. At first it was an easy project to transport but got quite large towards the end. Luckily I had my large knitting tote which solved this problem.

Knitting Caddy Mel 9

Mums Throw 04

The edging is simply one double crochet in a space followed by seven trebles in the next space, one double crochet in the next space and so on.

Mums Throw 05

I gave Mum her Mother’s Day presents this morning which included this throw and she was delighted and is going to use it exactly for the purpose I made it…..to cover herself while lying on the lounge reading in winter.

Now what can I make next??? Hope all Mums had a lovely Mother’s Day. Until next time…


Finally….my Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket!!

Completing this blanket has taken longer than an elephant’s gestational period!!! If I remember correctly, I started purchasing all the yarn in late 2011, was still crocheting the squares in July last year, started sewing strips of 15 squares in July as well and then it sat for about nine months before I started sewing the strips together. It’s certainly not difficult but just boring, boring, boring!!! And it’s hard to transport so it’s not as if I could slip it into my bag and nick down to the cafe for a quick coffee.

Here’s a photo of some of the strips…

Starburst Blanket 01

All crocheted in autumn colours only….

Starburst Blanket 02

Eight strips sewn together…five to go..

Starburst Blanket 06

You can find this pattern in a book called The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket. The name of the pattern is Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket.

I actually crocheted an acylic blanket in this pattern in late 2011 as I was so keen to see what it looked like and I couldn’t wait until all my wool arrived. The wool I used for this blanket is Cascade 220 worsted weight. This is a beautiful wool to use and there are sooo many colours to pick from. Here’s a link to the Cascade website which will give you some idea. I only wanted my blanket to have autumn colours so I selected the following:

2409 Palm

Cascade 2409 Palm

8010 Natural

Cascade 8010 Natural

9465B Burnt Orange

Cascade 9465B Burnt Orange

7827 Goldenrod

Cascade 7827 Goldenrod

8903 Primaverra

Cascade 8903 Primavera

9557 Dark Chocolate

Cascade 9557

9499 Sand

Cascade 9499

8267 Forest Green

Cascade 8267 Forest Green

9490 Heathers Irish Green

Cascade 9490 Heathers Irish Green9429 Mossy Rock

Cascade 9429 Mossy Rock

9430 Highland Green

Cascade 9430 Highland Green2414 Ginger

Cascade 2414 Ginger9542 Blaze

Cascade 9542 Blaze2425 Provence

Cascade 2425 Provence

7826 California Poppy

Cascade 7826 California Poppy

1208 Tan

Cascade 1208 Tan

Now that I have bored you to death and you’re nearly asleep from scrolling through all those colours……….are you ready to see the final blanket?

Here it is…

Starburst Blanket 07

Look at that sea of gorgeous autumn colours…

Starburst Blanket 08

No two squares are the same either. I kept a record of all the colour combinations I’d crocheted so they wouldn’t be repeated. It is a sheer fluke that the blanket sits nicely on top of my bed and reaches around the edges. There are 195 squares in total (15 x 13).

Starburst Blanket 15

I had always intended to crochet a border around the blanket but I got a bit carried away and completed two rows of double crochet without realising how much of my yarn it was using. It’s a long way around that blanket I must say! You guessed it; I ran out of the cream yarn. But fear not, my stash of Ashford Tekapo 8ply came to the rescue. It’s actually an 8/10 ply thickness so was perfect for the final scalloped border plus I found an ideal match colourwise: this burnt orange colour. What do you think? It actually took about 120 grams for the border alone.

Starburst Blanket 13

Not bad hey? I’m actually quite chuffed with the whole blanket. It has taken so long to complete but I can finally use it now, especially as the nights are getting cooler in Brisbane as we head into winter.

Starburst Blanket 14

One last picture so I can just keep showing off 🙂

Starburst Blanket 09

It’s been nearly a year since I completely renovated my bedroom and changed the colour scheme to lovely mocha-ish shades with orange/tangerine as the accent colour. I have been waiting to find the right picture to place on the wall above my bed and it has taken me up until now when I found this lovely print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in my local Crazy Clark’s shop. It only cost me $15 which was an added bonus. I now have to wait for my son to place it on the wall for me. Here’s a look at the picture. I do believe it will match my decor beautifully.


And on that note I bid farewell until next time….