Barnwood Hat and Cowl

I discovered Ravelry in August 2011 and have found it to be an invaluable source of information for all my knitting needs, in particular sourcing patterns in general and patterns specific to certain yarns. Their databases are mind boggling! There are literally thousands of patterns to select from.

I have also joined a number of groups and share my projects with those groups. This was how I discovered Augustbird’s group and subsequently the KAL that closes on 30 April 2013. The requirement is to knit any Two Little Plums patterns using an Augustbird yarn. Now when I first read those instructions I read the word ‘Two’ as the number 2 and immediately thought I had to knit two items. So off I went to Augustbird’s website and purchased 2 x Two Little Plums knitting patterns and two skeins of Augustbird yarn.

The patterns I selected were the Barnwood Hat

Barnwood Hat original

and the Barnwood Cowl. (Oh, if only I looked as good as the model in these photos…sigh!)

Barnwood Cowl original

I used Augustbird’s Hearty DK in the colourway ‘This Earth’. After realising my faux pas, I was quite pleased I’d purchased both the hat and the cowl patterns as these garments complement each other nicely. I also love the rich green tones in this yarn.

Augustbird This Earth 2

Hearty DK is a 100% superwash merino and weighs 100g. The skein contains 231 yards / 211 metres. With the left over yarn from the hat I simply knitted the cowl a little longer.

Barnwood Hat 04

Barnwood Hat 07

I thought I’d have to rush to get both items knitted as I have so many other UFOs scattered throughout my home but lo and behold I finished both of them before the end of March !! As required, I published a comment and photo of each item on the Augustbird Group page and entered both items as projects on my Ravelry page.

Barnwood Cowl 04

I had so many problems trying to get a true picture of the colour of the cowl. The picture above shows the whole of the cowl although the colour is not quite correct. The picture below shows only a portion of the cowl however the colour is truer.

Barnwood Cowl 02

Now I am the proud owner of a lovely hat and cowl all ready for the cooler Brisbane weather that I hope arrives soon! Just need to wait and see who wins the KAL prize which is a pattern and a skein of Augusbird yarn. Fingers crossed J

Until next time…


Sunday Yarn Bits and Pieces

I had to get out the wool winder and swift today as I received my lovely yarn from Skein last week. I’ve also joined Augustbird’s KAL and am ready to start my second item but you guessed it, I hadn’t wound the second skein into a ball.

To join the KAL you need to knit any of Two Little Plums’ patterns using Augustbird yarn. I’ve selected the Barnwood Cowl and Barnwood Hat for my two items. I decided to knit two as these make a complementary pair don’t you think? I can only hope my knitted items turn out as well as the ones in the pattern pictures.

Barnwood Cowl picture-horz

The yarn I am using is Augustbird’s Hearty DK in ‘This Earth’. I just love the earthy tones in this colourway. This is the skein…

Augustbird This Earth 2

and this is the ball of yarn…

Augustbird This Earth 3

I have almost finished the cowl and today I started the hat. Once I’ve completed the hat I’ll use the remaining yarn for the rest of the cowl. Not sure how long the cowl will be but I’ll be happy if I can wrap it around my neck twice for added warmth and snuggliness.

I also wound the following skeins of Top Draw Sock yarn I received from Skein last week. This is Skein Speakeasy in the skein form….

Skein Speakeasy 2

and wound into a ball….

Skein Speakeasy 3

This is Skein Green Tea in skein form…

Skein Green Tea 2

and wound into a ball…

Skein Green Tea 3

This is Skein Tuscany in a skein…

Skein Tuscany 2

and now wound into a ball…

Skein Tuscany 3

And finally this is Skein Rusty Rock in a skein…

Skein Rusty Rock 2

and now wound into a ball…

Skein Rusty Rock 3

That was rather warm work as it was quite hot and humid in Brisbane this weekend. Now, the big question is what will I knit with this yarn. I’m thinking maybe a shawl, scarf and of course some socks!

I haven’t forgotten to blog about my visit to Cleveland BUZZ on Saturday. I’m just getting all the photos together so I’ll probably post it within the next couple of days.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend fully of crafty goodness.