A Wonderful Holiday With Lots of Yarning!

My holiday has now come to a close for this year. I am so blessed to have been able to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful places in the country….Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast and the remaining time in the wonderful bayside suburb where I live.

I’ve completed lots of projects. Here is a few of them…

Age of Brass Steam 01-tile

Walked up to The Point a few mornings with my backpack and book and settled in at the coffee shop for a relaxing read…

Coffee at the Point 01

Coffee at the Point 02

Imagine looking at this every day!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 07

There is nothing like living right beside the water. I love it! It must have something to do with my Zodiac sign – Aquarius – the water bearer. I am only a few minutes walk away from this…

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 01

What bliss.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 02

When I walk to Cleveland Point after work in the summer, I sit here and watch the water and just zen out.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 05

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 08

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 10

Mother nature at her best! What wonderful shades of blue!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 14

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 13

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 11

There are great places for families to have picnics or barbeques. Plus there’s plenty of play equipment for the kids…


And we even have Queensland’s oldest Banyan Tree…



And on the way home from coffee I spotted this little cluster of beautiful mauve flowers…


And, of course, I found a yarn store in Noosaville called Sheep Thrills…

Sheep Thrills 08 24-7-14

And it wouldn’t be a regular blog post if I didn’t share some yarn purchases with you. I bought these last week at Spotlight…

Six balls of Moda Vera Hue which is a 70% acrylic / 30% wool bulky / 12 ply yarn.

Moda Vera Hue 01

Five balls of Moda Vera Dalmatian in this burgundy colourway. This yarn is an 82% acrylic / 18% nylon bulky / 12 ply.

Moda Vera Dalmatian Burgundy 01

And three balls in the grey colourway…

Moda Vera Dalmatian Grey 01

And lastly, two reels of this beautiful variegated green rayon which I hope to use to ply with some green merino I am yet to spin…

Green Rayon 01

Green Rayon 02-tile

And of course, I did quite a bit of spinning. This is what I’ve recently started spinning. Some ‘mongrel’ (I’m assuming this means a mixture of fibre; I bought it at the recent Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day). I’m spinning it on my Crofter wheel which I haven’t used to date and I must say I’m loving it!!!

Mongrel 01

It’s mainly a grey colour with little flecks of other bits and pieces in it.

Mongrel 02

Mongrel 03

As I close I would like to welcome all the new followers to my blog. Thank you so much for following my yarn adventures 🙂 I can always be contacted via the ‘Contact Me’ page along the top banner of my blog page. Please, please leave any comments as I reply to each and every comment left. I love the interaction this blog provides. Let me know what else you’d like me to blog about too.

Until next time…


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Two Aussies and Seven Kiwis…

Sounds a bit like the start of a joke doesn’t it? Rather, it describes the ethnicity of my nine spinning wheels! I’ve shown you some of them but not the latest two that I’ve collected. The first one is a beautiful little Fomotor Peacock spinning wheel that I bought from a friend of mine. It is the tiniest spinning wheel I own and is therefore so easy to transport.

Peacock Wheel 01

There is no orifice, rather this large hook which I am quite used to now.

Peacock Wheel 04

It also came with a plastic tubing drive belt rather than the usual string that I’d normally use.

Peacock Wheel 05

Interesting how the footman connector actually goes through the back leg of the wheel.

Peacock Wheel 06

Even though it’s the smallest wheel I own, it has the largest cup hooks. The hooks were originally right angle hooks however I replaced them with these curved hooks to ensure the yarn didn’t fly off.

Peacock Wheel 09

There are three brass looking rods in the front of the wheel which can be removed and two of them placed into holes on the sides of the block to create a very effective plying system.

Peacock Wheel 12

Very clever set up don’t you think?

Peacock Wheel 13

I went one step further and asked my woodturner to make me some wooden rods which do the same job.

Peacock Wheel 14

Voila! Now I don’t have to remove the brass rods if I’m not inclined to!

Peacock Wheel 15

I also bought a pack of four rubber stoppers which fit perfectly onto the legs of the Peacock which stops it sliding across certain floor surfaces when I’m spinning.

Peacock Wheel 20

This is the lazy kate I received with the wheel. I’m not sure whether it’s made by Fomotor or not but it was in rather a sad and sorry state, as were some of the bobbins.

Peacock Lazy Kate

So, of course, it was off to see my woodturner who fixed it up nicely. Those bobbins on the top are new ones he made for my Ettrick Standard wheel.


I also asked him not to glue in the wooden rods in case one or two broke. I didn’t want to end up with a piece of the wood stuck in the hole. So now they’re all removable.

Lazy Kate 03

Here’s the newly revamped lazy kate with her eight bobbins.

New Bobbins 02

These are four of the six new bobbins I had made for my Fomotor Peacock wheel.

New Bobbins 03

Beautiful isn’t it? Makes a lovely conversational piece among my non-spinning friends.

New Bobbins 04

Now to my most recent spinning wheel purchase….an absolutely stunning Crofter from New Zealand.

Crofter 11

It is definitely the most beautifully polished of all the wheels I own.

Crofter 12

Look at that gleaming wood! Admittedly I have given it a lovely coat of my 50% boiled linseed oil / 50% pure gum turps magic polish.

Crofter Wheel 05

It also boasts three huge bobbins….much larger than what you would find on the Peggies and the Ashford Traditionals and Travellers.

Crofter Wheel 07

It can also be used as a scotch tension and a double drive which is a bonus as I do like the double drive.

Crofter Wheel 09

I was pleased to see the threading hook was still with the wheel which shows she’s been looked after well in her past life 🙂

Crofter Wheel 04

Gorgeous isn’t she? The asking price was AU$100 however there was a lot of ‘play’ in the wheel. Even though the hub of the wheel sits securely between the uprights the spokes were a bit loose and slid around causing the wheel to be a bit clunky when it turned so I was reluctant to actually purchase it. So the buyer was happy to take AU$50 as I was taking a risk if I couldn’t fix it. I gave it to my woodturner who took the wheel apart and did a bit of his magic. Even though it’s still not 100% it can at least be used and is not ‘clunky’ any more so I am happy with my investment. The presentation of the wheel alone is worth the AU$50 as it is so beautiful. Would you have bought it for AU$50 and taken the risk?

Crofter Wheel 02

So now I am the proud owner of seven Kiwis. L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy, Ashford Traveller, Crofter, Fomotor Peacock and two Ashford Traditionals (plus the full lazy kate sitting in the front). A lot of my friends ask how I can possibly store nine spinning wheels in my townhouse. Well, as you can see, when they’re packed up beside each other they really don’t take up much room, especially the upright wheels.

7 Kiwi Wheels 01

And two Aussies. From L to R: Ettrick Standard and Tarra Carousel.

2 Aussie Wheels 03

Phew that was a mammoth effort loading all those pictures! And in case you’re wondering, well yes I still keep an eye out for spinning wheels to add to my collection. I’m never sure what I’m after but when I see it I know straight away I have to own it!

My two favourites at the moment are the Ettrick Standard and the Fomotor Peacock. I certainly love the ability to pick up the Peacock and take it anywhere as it’s not too heavy and doesn’t take up much room at all. I’ll be taking it to Noosaville in July this year to do some spinning on the river front. I had a few comments from people last year when I was knitting so let’s see how many people stop and talk about the spinning 🙂

BTW if you’re ever trying to identify a spinning wheel always go to the New Zealand spinning wheels website which is administered by a very knowledgeable Mary Knox. There’s also a section for Aussie spinning wheels too. I find it invaluable for trying to source the makers of my spinning wheels. Mary is also very grateful to receive any information to add to what she has collected. You can contact her directly through the website.

I also pdf any literature I have gathered over the last couple of years that relates to wheels that are no longer made. You can find them under the Spinning Wheel Info section of my blog which is along the top banner of the website.

Just another look at those Kiwi wheels….three in this picture (love all the different colours of the wheels).

3 Kiwi Wheels

And four in this picture.

4 Kiwi Wheels

I’m off to Knit and Knatter this afternoon to join my spinning and knitting friends to share some laughs and knowledge as well as to drink lovely coffee and eat sinful cakes! Plus show off our latest knitted and spun projects.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Until next time…


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