Find Your Fade Shawl

What is it that suddenly makes a Ravelry pattern very popular? Photos? Word of Mouth? Or maybe both reasons. Find Your Fade is a pattern that has appeared everywhere lately: Ravelry, Facebook and Instagram. And it’s for that reason that I decided a couple of months ago to give it a go.

The pattern takes seven skeins of yarn which are meant to ‘fade’ into each other. This was the fun part for me: shopping in my stash. This is the selection I came up with.

Find Your Fade choices

A combination of beautiful, luxurious and super soft merino, cashmere, alpaca and possum. Yummy!!

Here are the colour choices from left to right:

Colour A Dyed By Hand Yarns Mother’s Love superwash merino 80% / cashmere 10% / nylon 10% Monkey Mia
Colour B Touch Yarns Merino Brown/blue
Colour C Flock and Needle Merino/Nylon superwash Luke
Colour D Flock and Needle Merino/Nylon superwash Stormy Shoreline
Colour E Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Superwash merino 70% / cashmere 20% / nylon 10% Tree in Autumn
Colour F Loris NZ Alpaca 15% / Merino 55% / Nylon 20% / Possum 10% Roast Chestnuts
Colour G Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Superwash merino 70% / cashmere 20% / nylon 10% Samaratin

It was a pleasure to knit this shawl as all this luscious yarn slipped between my fingers.

Find Your Fade 16

Blues faded into browns which faded into oranges which faded into brown.

Find Your Fade 03Find Your Fade 04Find Your Fade 05Find Your Fade 08Find Your Fade 10Find Your Fade 11Find Your Fade 13

It’s difficult to describe in words all the beautiful colours so I have provided lots of photos for you to view.

I also highly recommend you use a different centre double decrease (CDD) for a crisper look. So glad I found this hint in someone else’s notes and it does give a nice crisp look. I used slip 2 knitwise, k1, pass the two slipped stitches over.

Find Your Fade 02_1Find Your Fade 12Find Your Fade 19Find Your Fade 20

Not all of each seven skeins is used so with the remaining yarn plus an additional skein I will be able to make another Find Your Fade shawl.

I have replaced Colour F (orange) with a paler orange skein from Zen Yarn Garden.

Find Your Fade yarn choice

So the new order of yarn from top to bottom (left hand side photo) is

Colour A Flock and Needle Merino/Nylon superwash Stormy Shoreline
Colour B Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Superwash merino 70% / cashmere 20% / nylon 10% Tree in Autumn
Colour C Flock and Needle Merino/Nylon superwash Luke
Colour D Touch Yarns Merino Brown/blue
Colour E Dyed By Hand Yarns Mother’s Love superwash merino 80% / cashmere 10% / nylon 10% Monkey Mia
Colour F Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Superwash merino 70% / cashmere 20% / nylon 10% Pumpkin Spice
Colour G Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Superwash merino 70% / cashmere 20% / nylon 10% Samaratin

The actual pattern is quite easy; just rows of garter stitch and some very basic lace. The secret is to ensure you always start with a K1, yo and finish with a yo, k1. Those yarn overs are very important!

My shawl was entered into the recent Redlands Spinners & Weavers’ Open Day fashion parade and I have since sold it. I am gradually getting used to not forming an emotional attachment to my garments. It is so lovely to see someone else fall in love with what I’ve made 🙂 The funds enable me to buy more yarn and make more creations!

Soon, I will be venturing back up to my favourite holiday spot at Noosaville so you’ll be getting my news from a wonderful part of the world. I will be visiting a group of spinners and knitters at SpillDEBeans café in Pomona on most Wednesdays and hope to have a couple of my crafty friends visit too.

Lots of rest, relaxation, knitting and weaving! Yes, I’m taking my Weave-it looms so I can have lots practise while I’m lazing on the banks of the Noosa River 🙂

Until next time…


Moriarty Socks – Pair # 49

Another ‘single lady’ off the needles which completes another sock test pattern knit! These lovely socks are called Moriarty Socks.

This pattern is inspired by Moriarty, the clever nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. The design features a dropped stitch pattern down the front of the leg and top of the foot and simple ribbing down the back of the leg and top half of the short row heel. This stitch pattern combined with the ribbing makes a very stretchy sock. I found it a very easy pattern to memorise and one that I may even use in future socks.

Moriarty Socks 01This pattern used the short row heel which I struggled with initially despite the fact that it’s probably easier than the traditional heel flap. I think I am just so used to picking up those stitches on either side of the flap that I find any else challenging!

Moriarty Socks 02The yarn I used is from the very first sock yarn club I subscribed to run by Dyed by Hand Yarns. The colours of each sock yarn were based on something uniquely Australian. In this case, the colourway is called Happy Wanderer.

Dyed by Hand Yarns Happy Wanderer 02-tileI might add the 2016 Sock Yarn Club has just opened and this year’s theme is Bush Tucker – colours inspired by the native bush foods of Australia.

I love the colours in this sock yarn; the olivey green with the splash of mauve.

Moriarty Socks 03 Moriarty Socks 04Dana Gervais is a fantastic pattern writer. This is the second pattern I’ve tested for her and I love both of them. They’re so well presented and easy to follow. The first were the gorgeous River Song Socks.

Moriarty Socks 05 Moriarty Socks 06I picked up some lovely Misti Alpaca Hand Paint sock yarn from a destashing knitter on Facebook last week for $15 each. This yarn is a luscious combination of 50% alpaca / 30% merino / 10% silk / 10% nylon.

Misti Alpaca Hand Paint 4ply Columbia Misti Alpaca Hand Paint 4ply Queen Royal BlueMisti Alpaca Hand Paint 4ply EiffelPlus these two balls of Naturally Waikiwi sock yarn in this bright purple for $5 each. It’s not normally a colour I would buy but quite often some sock patterns look better in a solid colour to really show off the pattern so these will be kept for that purpose.

Naturally Waikiki PurpleThat’s my news for now 🙂 I’m off to remove another woven scarf from my 30cm Ashford Knitter’s Loom. I’ve been doing tons of spinning and weaving lately which I will show you in due course 🙂

Until next time…


Two More Miss Winkles

The second and third Miss Winkle scarves recently came off the needles so you can assume I really like this pattern. The very talented pattern writer is Martina Behm and you can find Martina on Ravelry. My first was in a lovely variegated pink which I gave to my sister. This is my second Miss Winkle Scarf…

Miss Winkle Cream 01It’s made with some of  my Dyed By Hand Yarn 2015 Sock Yarn Club offerings. A gorgeous 80% merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon called Mother’s Love in the colourway Flannel Flower.

DBHY Mothers Love Flannel Flower 02I love the very subtle tinges of green in this scarf and I’ve worn it quite a few times now.

Miss Winkle Cream 02Miss Winkle Cream 09I use a piece of dowel that is slipped through the loops on the edge of the scarf so they block nicely.

Miss Winkle Cream 08My third Miss Winkle is blue!!! Yes, that’s right; it’s not orange and nor is it green. This yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport Solid and it’s a 100% plied wool that is a dream to knit with. The colourway is Cermak.

Lornas Laces Sportmate Cermak 03I am delighted with the outcome!

Miss Winkle Blue 02I really love this colour and it goes so well with blue denim jeans too.

Miss Winkle Blue 05And again, I slipped dowel through the loops so they’re nicely rounded.

Miss Winkle Blue 07Miss Winkle Blue 04

I really can’t recommend this pattern enough. It’s quite ingenious and is not difficult to follow. I’ll definitely be making more Miss Winkle scarves as they make ideal gifts and don’t take too long to complete.

Until next time…


My 2014 Sock Yarn Club Goodies

Yesterday I received my final instalment in the Dyed By Hand Yarns‘ Sock Yarn Club. The theme for 2014 was Australia II – colours inspired by the ocean, sea, sails and coastlines.

Two skeins of sock yarn were posted out in the last week in March, May and July and the yarns included were 2 x Tough Stocking, 1 x Mother’s Love, 1 x Big Blue Stocking, 1 x Silk Stocking and 1 x Blue Chip Stocking.

Each skein of yarn was dyed in a colour inspired by something Australian. These colours are exclusive to yarn club members for 12 months. Custom dyeing of these colours on any yarn base may be ordered by yarn club members for the duration of the club.

# 1 is called Surf Life Saving and is dyed on Tough Stocking which is a 75% merino / 25% nylon yarn. This colourway is incredibly eye-catching and really depicts the Aussie surf life saving colours of the red and yellow flag against the blue ocean and sky. Very vivid indeed.

DBHY Surf Life Saving 06-tile

# 2 is called Blue Ringed Octopus and is also dyed on Tough Stocking. The blue-ringed octopuses are three (or perhaps four) octopus species that live in tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Japan to Australia (mainly around southern New South Wales and South Australia, and northern Western Australia). Despite their small size and relatively docile nature, they can prove a danger to humans. They can be recognised by their characteristic blue and black rings and yellowish skin. When the octopus is agitated, the brown patches darken dramatically, and iridescent blue rings or clumps of rings appear and pulsate within the maculae. It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful can be so dangerous.

DBHY Blue Ringed Octopus 03-tile

# 3 is called Monkey Mia and is dyed on Mother’s Love which is an 80% merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon yarn. Monkey Mia is a popular tourist destination located about 900 km north of Perth, Western Australia. The reserve is 25 km northeast of the town of Denham in the Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Site.

The main attraction is the bottlenose dolphins that have been coming close to shore for more than fifty years. The beautiful blue colours of the ocean are captured so well in this yarn.

DBHY Mothers Love Monkey Mia 04-tile

# 4 is called Purple Sea Urchin and is dyed on Blue Chip Stocking which is a 70% merino / 20% silk  / 10% cashmere yarn. Purple Sea Urchins are found in southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. They live on intertidal rocky shores and in coastal waters to a depth of 35 metres. In order to gain protection from predators and the elements, they cluster together and use their sharp spines to burrow into the rock. They normally grow to a diameter of about 4 inches and may live as long as 70 years.

Wow! The colours in the yarn are definitely a true indication of the colours in the Purple Sea Urchin.

DBHY Blue Chip Purple Sea Urchin 04-tile

# 5 is called Gorgons Head Coral and is dyed on Silk Stocking which is 50% merino / 50% silk yarn.

A four-week expedition to explore the deep ocean south-west of Tasmania in 2008 revealed new species of animals and more evidence of impacts of increasing carbon dioxide on deep-sea corals. A bright red, undescribed species of shell-less coral, called an anthomastid or gorgons-head coral was discovered at 1700 metres deep at the Cascade Plateau, off south-east Tasmania.

This also happens to be one of my favourite colours. Plus the 50% silk in this yarn makes it feel lovely and soft.

DBHY Silk Stocking Gorgons Head Coral 02-tile

And lastly, # 6 is called Bass Strait and is dyed on Big Blue Stocking which is 100% wool. Bass Strait is a sea strait separating Tasmania from the Australian mainland, specifically the state of Victoria.

What a wonderful rich blue colour typical of the deep blue sea.

DBHY Blue Chip Bass Strait 02-tile

Now my next challenge is to assign patterns to each of these gorgeous yarns. What would you make with each one?

Until next time…



A Few New Acquisitions To My Stash

Trust me, I have slowed down when it comes to buying more yarn but there are just a few new acquisitions that I must share with you. I’m loving the Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk Series and have blogged about the first and second releases. I have since purchased the third and fourth releases through Yarn Glorious Yarn here in Brisbane (the only Australian distributor of this Canadian yarn).

The third offering in the new ART WALK Series features a painting by Vincent van Gogh entitled “Starry Night” which inspired this colourway. Painted on Serenity 20, Mr. Zen has captured the vividness and subtlety of the colours of the painting. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour!

Zen yarn garden starry-night

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist Master whose innovative artwork powerfully influenced modern Expressionism, Fauvism, and early abstraction. Astoundingly prolific, Van Gogh produced all of his work during a 10-year period, at one point, creating 150 paintings and drawings within one year. Painting outdoors, Van Gogh uniquely captured the nighttime nuances of light and shadow, and was also renowned for his paintings of sunflowers and irises. Tormented by mental illness for most of his life, Van Gogh created many of his masterpieces while he was institutionalized. Although Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime, he is now regarded as one of the most profoundly influential artists of the 19th century.

Zen Yarn Garden Starry Night 6

I bought two skeins of Serenity Worsted which is a 75% sw merino / 15% cashmere / 10% nylon, and contains 175 yds / 100 g (worsted weight). Sue from Yarn Glorious Yarn also gave me a shawl pattern specially written for this yarn. Now all I need to do is to find the time to make it!!

This was the picture direct from the Zen Yarn Garden website…

Zen Yarn Garden Starry Night 3

The fourth offering in the new ART WALK Series features a painting by David Hockney entitled “Garrowby Hill” which inspired this colourway. Painted on Serenity Silk +, Mr. Zen has captured the vividness and subtlety of the colours of the painting.

David Hockney Garrowby Art Walk b 4

From a splash in a turquoise pool to a drive along a winding canyon road, British artist David Hockney’s captivating paintings encapsulate the essence of Southern California. Although predominantly considered a Pop artist, his wildly diverse works are impossible to categorize under one genre reflecting influences of Matisse and Picasso in his use of exuberant acrylic color and strong design. After completing his studies at the Royal College of Art in London, he was attracted to Los Angeles’ free-wheeling West Coast lifestyle and moved his studio there in 1964. The move played a pivotal role in the development of his signature style. Hockney is widely regarded as the foremost British artist of the 20th century.

David Hockney Garrowby Hill 04

A very interesting mix of colours don’t you think? I bought two skens of Serenity Silk which is a 5% sw merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk and contains 500 yds / 100 g (heavy lace or fine fingering).

This was the picture direct from the Zen Yarn Garden website…

David Hockney  Garrowby Art Walka 4

A while ago I showed you the first two skeins of yarn I received from this year’s 2013 Simply Sock Club which I discovered while looking through Dyed By Hand Yarn’s website recently. This is how the sock club works: Two skeins of sock yarn are posted out in the last week in March, May and July. Yarns included are 2 x Tough Stocking, 2 x Mother’s Love, 1 x Silk Stocking and 1x Blue Chip Stocking.

What I love about it is that each skein of yarn is dyed in a colour inspired by something Australian. These colours are exclusive to yarn club members for 12 months and custom dyeing of these colours on any yarn base may be ordered by yarn club members for the duration of the club. The following colourway is the third one and is called Flame Tree and I’m in love with the colours in this yarn as they take me back to my childhood when I lived in Perth for one year and Flame Trees were abundant.

Dyed by Hand Yarns Flame Tree 02

Aren’t the yarn colours a wonderful representation of the true colours of the Flame Tree?


The fourth offering in the sock yarn series is called Happy Wanderer

Dyed by Hand Yarns Happy Wanderer 02

Here’s a close up photo to show you the gorgeous splash of mauve/purple…

Dyed by Hand Yarns Happy Wanderer 03

And a picture of a Happy Wanderer just to show you how well Julie has captured the beautiful colours…

Happy Wanderer

Both skeins of yarn are Mother’s Love which is a heavy sock/sport yarn. Mother’s Love is an 80% superwash merino / 10% cashmore / 10% nylon. Each skein weighs 100 grams and contains 397 metres (435 yards).

The final yarn I’m going to show you is a commercial yarn I picked up from Lincraft. It’s called Big Wool and I just love the colours…..lovely autumn green and orange. It’s a super bulky 50% wool / 50% acrylic yarn. I think I’ll be making another Keep Me Warm Vest with this yarn. I bought nine balls at AU$2.99 each so I’ll have plenty to make this vest.

Lincraft Big Wool Orange Green

Now I really need to buckle down and start using all my stash rather than adding to it don’t you think?

I’m so excited because I am officialy on annual leave and my next few posts will be from Noosaville on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast in Queensland!

Until next time…