My Mocha Easy Peasy Vest – # 5

Well I did tell I was on a roll with this vest pattern didn’t I? I am very pleased with my Mocha Vest as it’s been a perfect stash busting project. About a year ago I bought a huge job lot of yarn on Ebay and included in the bag was quite a few balls of 5ply yarn in a light mocha colour (Cleckheaton Machinewash 5ply Crepe), brown (Patons Bluebell 5ply), red and blue. I decided to make another vest by using two strands of the 5ply yarn in the light mocha and brown. I had absolutely no idea whether I’d have enough yarn or how far I’d get into the vest before my yarn ran out.

Well the knitting gods must have been looking down on me as I did run out of yarn but at precisely the correct place on the vest…the front two straps. I had also previously bought 10 balls of another 5ply yarn which just happened to be the same light mocha colour so I finished off the straps using only a half a ball of the Cleckheaton 5ply Riverina yarn.

Vest Mocha 02

To add a bit of texture to the vest and for something different I K4, P4 and then alternated each row to give a basket weave effect. I’m really happy with the result.

Vest Mocha 04

I wore this vest to work last week and it fits like a dream and is soooo comfy!!

Vest Mocha 03

Here’s a close up of the pattern…

Vest Mocha 06

I’m so happy that I’m actually starting to work through my stash…..don’t worry it’ll take years to get through it all…..but at least it’s a start. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have hundreds of these vests!!

I hope you had a great weekend. I finished another vest, knitted a few rows on a baby pram blanket and started another pair of socks. Until next time…


Easy Peasy Knitted Vests # 3 and # 4 and a Miniature Spinning Wheel!

After knitting my first two Easy Peasy Knitted Vests I’m on a roll and have produced two more! I just love this free Ravelry knitting pattern which is called Keep Me Warm Vest. It’s so easy and adaptable too. Vest # 3 is my apricot vest…

Vest Apricot 01

It’s knitted in Patons Caressa 8ply which is now discontinued. I bought a stack of this yarn on Ebay a year or so ago and have finally used some of it. I’m trying to do a bit of stash busting and am gradually making some miniscule steps to reducing my stash by .0005% 🙂

Vest Apricot 02

This yarn is a 45% wool / 45% acrylic / 10% mohair blend. I used size 4.5mm circular needles for the band and 6mm needles for the main body. Like my other two easy peasy vests, it only took about a week to knit…..that’s just knitting at night time after work.

Vest Apricot 03

With # 4 easy peasy vest I got a bit daring and added a cable strip for a bit of texture. I thought I had calculated it so that the cable strip would be central but alas it isn’t. However, I’m quite pleased with the effect anyway! What do you think? Sometimes a mistake in knitting can look okay!

Vest Forest 01

I call this my Forest vest…

Vest Forest 03

This vest is knitted in Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply which is a 100% wool. I used size 5mm circulars on the band and 6mm circulars on the main body. As you can see from all my easy peasy vests, I am just guessing what size needles to use with the wool and so far so good….they all fit me! I must say they are perfect for office work wear. I’ve worn them all to work every week with a long sleeved shirt and skirt and they are soooo comfortable.

And now for something completely different, here’s a miniature spinning wheel that I picked up on Ebay recently for $15. It’s so cute….I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Miniature Spinning Wheel 01

It stands only 25 cms tall and is 6 cms wide at its base.

Miniature Spinning Wheel 02

Miniature Spinning Wheel 03

The treadle goes up and down and both the wheel and bobbin rotate.

Miniature Spinning Wheel 04

Miniature Spinning Wheel 05

Has anyone ever seen such a tiny spinning wheel before?

I spent the weekend finishing my 5th easy peasy vest and another cowl….I’ll blog about them very soon. I also gathered a few projects together to take on holidays with me. I’m having a relaxing two weeks at Noosavile where I’ll spend a lot of time knitting on the river bank, drinking coffee, eating, shopping, visiting markets, riding my bike (yes, I take my bike with me and cycle around a bit) and catching up with a dear friend of mine and generally recharging my batteries. I hope to publish a few posts from Noosaville to show you what I’m up to. Hope you had a fabulous weekend full of crafty and fibre goodness.

Until next time…