Glitz at the Ritz Shawl

One of my friends made this shawl and it looked lovely so I decided to try it as well. The pattern, called Glitz at Ritz, is a free knitting pattern from

Glitz at the Ritz 01

In hindsight I should have used size 4.5mm needles rather than the 3.75mm ones as it would have appeared more ‘open’ like the original. As it is, I completed 30 extra rows of the bottom section (star lace pattern) so without that it would have been quite narrow.

Glitz at the Ritz 02

The yarn I used is Moda Vera Taylor which is a 56% polyester / 44% wool, 5ply / sport yarn. Each ball weighs 50g and I used just slightly under four balls. The yarn has a metallic thread throughout it so I didn’t add any beads as suggested by the pattern.

Moda Vera Taylor 01

The pattern is really quite lovely…

Glitz at the Ritz 04

And there’s a lovely picot edge too…

Glitz at the Ritz 07

Even though I blocked the scarf there was still some puckering in the middle.

Glitz at the Ritz 12

The next time I knit this scarf I’ll be sure to use 4 ply / fingering yarn and 4mm needles so it has more of an open weave effect.

Glitz at the Ritz 09

Some news to share with you….I was approached not long ago by knitsforklipskaap who blogs at yarnandpointysticks as she wished to feature a picture of one of my finished projects….the Garrowby Hill Scarf. It’s a very interesting post called ‘Love in a Variegated Skein’ and contains lots of lovely knitting pattern ideas!

Garrowby Hill Scarf 01

Another bit of news is that I’ve been asked to be the Editor of my local spinners and weavers newsletter so I will need to get my creative juices flowing!

Glitz at the Ritz 05

I hope you’re all having a lovely yarnie weekend as I am. Until next time…