Hand Knitted Traditional Teddy Bear

I can’t recall ever owning a teddy bear when I was younger. I had plenty of dolls, books and puzzles but no teddy. So at the ripe old age of 54 years, I now have my very own hand knitted traditional teddy bear.

Meet Bartholemew Bear. He’s made with a pattern from Jean Greenhowe’s Traditional Favourites patterns. I love this teddy as he is such a traditional looking bear. You can either stitch his legs on in the seated or standing positions.

Bartholemew Bear 1

The only real challenging part of this pattern is one particular row (on the head) where nearly every second stitch is a m1 and I really struggled with this row as I had so much trouble forcing the needle through as everything got so tight. I may use a larger needle size next time on the row before the m1 row….hopefully that will provide a bit more ‘give’ in the stitches. Using a size 3mm with this yarn kept it a very closely knitted teddy bear which means you can’t see any of the stuffing which is good. All in all, I am very pleased with the results.

Here’s a picture of Jean’s teddy. I think mine bears a very close resemblance, don’t you?

Original by J Greenhowe

The yarn I used was Wool Importers Limited Handspun which is made in New Zealand. In Ravelry it is recorded as an Aran weight (10 ply) however it had 8 ply on my balls of wool.

I knitted Bartholemew months and months ago….he just sat neglected in one of my yarn containers waiting to be constructed and stuffed. He certainly took a lot of stuffing material as the pattern calls for a firmly stuffed bear. He sure is strong and firm…..not a soft teddy at all.

Here are some more pictures of my gorgeous Bartholemew Bear.

Bartholemew Bear 2

Bartholemew Bear 3

While surfing the ‘net I found a picture of a traditional German teddy bear from 1954 on the Wikipedia website. Teddy hasn’t changed much over the years has he?

Traditional German Teddy Bear 1954