Easter Yarning

Over the years I have collected bits and pieces of china…some cheap and some not so cheap. So I was quite amazed a couple of days ago when I realised that I had a lovely Royal Doulton plate from the Susan Neale ‘Old Country Crafts’ range called ‘The Spinner’.

The Spinner 02

To think I’d had this plate since the early 1990s and didn’t realise it replicated my love of spinning.

Another little plate I picked up on Ebay last year is this one…

Irish Spinning 02

It’s quite beautiful isn’t it. And then there’s this tiny little spinning wheel I also picked up on Ebay last year. Just couldn’t resist it.

Small spinning wheel 02

And here’s the three of them lined up on one of my timber kitchen dressers.

Three spinning 2

Yesterday I washed two lots of handspun that I’ve recently finished spinning. This one is called Kangaroo Paw…

Kangaroo Paw 01

Lovely shades of yellows and reds…

Kangaroo Paw 04

Kangaroo Paw 06

This one is called Rainbow # 2…

Rainbow No 2 02

Rainbow No 2 03

One of my friends asked me whether I spin to get a certain colour effect. Well no, at this stage I consider myself to be an organic spinner and what I mean by that is I spin without thinking of the end result. My aim is just to get it relatively consistent in thickness. Maybe when I’m more experienced I might get a bit more mathematical and scientific about it. With this particular roving I broke it down into many thin strips before spinning as it suited my Peacock spinning wheel that I was using for the first time. It’s a bit chunkier than my previous spinning efforts but I absolutely love the colours in it.

Rainbow No 2 07

These rovings are part of a large bundle I bought from Jumbuck Julie’s Etsy shop and I showed you them all here. This is what they looked like in their roving shape…

Kangaroo Paw 01

Rainbow # 2 01

Now I have a bit of handspun waiting to be knitted into garments….probably hats and scarves at this stage.

One more look at the beautiful Rainbow colours…

Rainbow No 2 05

That’s all my news for now. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter and will find some time to do something crafty. Until next time…



A Rave of Rovings

I love the English language, love reading and love words. In particular, I love collective nouns; you know, those strange words that describe a group of things: a parliament of owls, a host of sparrows, a murder of crows, an exaltation of larks, a muster of peacocks, a route of wolves, a skulk of foxes and so on.

I’ve even thought of a few of my own: a click of knitters, a hook of crocheters plus this one….a rave of rovings, which is the perfect segue to my latest post!

Yesterday at my place it was like waiting for Father Christmas to arrive as I knew there would be a delivery of a large number of rovings that I’d just ordered. Thanks to online parcel tracking I was expecting them to arrive any minute….the wonders of the internet!

As the buzzer went in my townhouse, I rushed to unlock the door and took possession of a huge parcel!

I immediately unpacked the rovings and started photographing them straight away so I could share all the fibre goodness with you. Here they are in all their colourful gloriousness……..

Anemone 01

Anemone…beautiful shades of purply blue and yellow…

Anemone 02

Apple Fresh 01

Apple Fresh….scrummy shades of greens…

Apple Fresh 02

Froggie 01

Froggie….shades of green, aqua and mustard…

Froggie 02

Great Barrier Reef 01

Great Barrier Reef…vibrant shades of the sea…

Great Barrier Reef 02

Peacock 01

Peacock…rich colours of purple and aqua…

Peacock 02

Desert 01

Desert…my favourite shades of sand, yellow and orange…

Desert 02

Grass 01

Grass….the rich green colour of a luscious lawn…

Grass 02

Natural White 01

Natural White…these two rovings are to use as practise spinning on the spinning wheels I don’t use as much. I would hate to ‘waste’ a hand-dyed roving just for practise.

Natural White 02

Kangaroo Paw 01

Kangaroo Paw…the ubiquitous Western Australia flower…

Kangaroo Paw 02

Rainbow # 2 01

Rainbow # 2..a vibrant mix of bright colours…

Rainbow # 2 02

Red Gum 01

And finally, Red Gum…my favourite autumn shades…

Red Gum 02

Aren’t they spectacularly beautiful colours? I just want to spin them all at once!!

If you’re wondering where I found these rovings, I’ll let you know. I stumbled upon this Aussie supplier when I was surfing the net. Julie Duke from Melbourne, Victoria runs an Etsy shop called Jumbuck Julie and she sells soooo many different hand-dyed rovings that you’ll have a hard time trying to make up your mind which ones to buy as I did!

My main criteria when purchasing online is to get quality, value and maximise postage. A large Australia Post expandable tough bag held these 22 rovings and cost only $15.20 postage which means each roving cost just under 70c postage.

The rovings are 100g each, 100% merino and 22 micron and cost $11.50 each except for the natural white which cost $7.50 each.

Now I just need to start spinning and to plan what to knit with each one!!!

We are so lucky here in Australia to have access to so many fine yarn and fibre artisans.

Now, for something totally different, I just wanted to show you this cute little sheep bag that I bought from Spotlight for just over $11. One of my friends from my spinning group showed it to me so of course I had to have one (or two) for myself. They are so soft and cuddly!

Sheep Bag 01

They’ll come in handy for small projects or just to hang around…

Sheep Bag 02

This one is hanging on one of my spinning wheels…

Sheep Bag 04

Very cute and whimsical don’t you think?

Until next time…