What got me back into knitting

About a year ago, I saw this book titled Knitted Mug Hugs in my local library’s New Titles list. I was instantly intrigued so I purchased it from one of my all time favourite online bookstores….The Book Depository. I knitted a few and wasn’t overly enthusiastic about any one of them so I thought I’d hunt around for another book and consequently came across this one, Mug Hugs by Alison Howard. It has lots of fabulous and different patterns which are fantastic. So….because I can be soo obsessive at times….I made a few and here’s a lovely collection of them. Hope you enjoy my new image manipulation.

Don’t they look so cute….here’s some more…

I love the pattern that has the swirly bit at the bottom (in the middle above)….and it’s sooo easy to knit too.

There’s more….

A couple more (above and below) with the cute swirly skirts at the bottom.

Nearly there….

Isn’t that orange mug hug nice and bright?

I love the yellow one too….it looks so happy and cheerful!

That’s all of them. What do you think? Has it inspired you to buy the book and start knitting hundreds of mug hugs like it did me?