Promovendus Socks

On one of my numerous visits to Ravelry I visited the Free Pattern Testers Forum and noticed a test knit was open for a pair of socks. On an impulse I put my name down as a prospective test knitter and within minutes was sent the pattern. Yikes that was quick!! What drew me to this pattern was the fact that beads were knitted into the leg section of the sock which I rather liked. Not having used beads in socks I was quite keen to start.

This is how the Promovendus socks looked after a few rows of the leg section.

Promovendus Socks 03I was pretty excited as the beads looked fantastic and they were only ones I bought at my local cheap shop. They were very smooth with no rough areas on them at all. Cost me $3.95 for a bag like this. I subsequently went back to the shop and bought all their stock as these pearl beads will match just about any yarn!

Beads 02Beads 03These socks unfolded beautifully as I really got into the pattern.

Promovendus Socks 08And before I knew it I’d finished one sock!

Promovendus Socks 11The second sock didn’t take as long as I was a bit more familiar with the pattern.

Promovendus Socks 19The foot section is done in a K1, P1 ribbing which makes for a nice snug fit.

Promovendus Socks 15The yarn I used is Shorn Fibers Premium Sock in this gorgeous colourway called Rock Pool.

Promovendus Socks 01The pattern is very well written and there were only a couple of errors that were spotted. I’m going to make another pair of these socks as I think they’re lovely!!

Promovendus Socks 12Promovendus Socks 14Promovendus Socks 17Promovendus Socks 20If you’re into knitting socks and want a challenge a bit more than plain vanilla socks then this pattern is for you. I highly recommend it and I look forward to more sock patterns from this very talented designer.

Until next time…