My Gorgeous Green Elinya Scarf

It seemed to take ages to finish this scarf and that’s because each row increased by two stitches so the end result was over 200 rows!! I started it on 7 March and finished it on 25 July 2013. It was one of the UFOs I took on holidays with me. This is an easy knit as it’s only garter stitch but even that got a bit too much at times.

Elinya Shawl 01

Elinya Shawl 03

What I love about this shawl is there is heaps and heaps of width in it so you can wrap it around yourself very easily.

Elinya Shawl 04

Elinya Shawl 05

You can even wrap it around your neck and it makes a nice warm and snug cowl.

Elinya Shawl 06

Elinya Shawl 07

It has heaps of length at the back too…

Elinya Shawl 08

The pattern calls for using two different yarns to create a stripe effect however this yarn did the job perfectly. The garter stitch really shows off the different shades of green.

Elinya Shawl 10

The picot edge took about two hours to bind off!! It was a process of casting on two stitches and then casting off four stitches….a bit like taking two steps forward and then four steps back. It seemed to take forever.

Elinya Shawl 12

I cannot rave on enough about this yarn. It’s Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) and it’s a dream to knit with. It’s a 4 ply (fingering) yarn and is 100% merino wool. I bought five skeins of the yarn last July from Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane as I fell in love with the gorgeous green colours in it. I had no idea what to use it for but when I found this pattern – Elinya Shawl – I knew they were a match made in heaven.

Koigu KPPPM 02

Koigu KPPPM Green

If you wanted to you could keep knitting and make the scarf even larger and deeper. I have the same yarn in two more different colourways so I am tempted to make another Elinya Scarf.

Until next time…