A Multitude of Minnies

When I find a knitting pattern that is easy, looks good and doesn’t take long, I seem to use it a few times! Which is what happened when I saw one of my Knit and Knatter friends making this Minnie scarf. I made one and so did some other women in the group. Minnie is definitely a hit – the perfect portable project!

My Cream Minnie is made with Sussex Wools 100% cotton. I bought six balls of this cotton at a charity stall. It’s made in South Africa and I can’t find any reference to it on the internet at all so I’m thinking these balls were stashed away in someone’s cupboard for quite a while before being donated to this charity stall. I’m so glad I bought them.

Cream Cotton Minnie 01

Cream Cotton Minnie 02

The cotton feels lovely against my neck and I love the fact it’s a completely natural fibre.

Cream Cotton Minnie 04

I love the edging. It looks just like popcorn doesn’t it?

Cream Cotton Minnie 07

# 2 is my Blue Minski Minnie and is made from Mirasol Yarns Minski which is a 10ply / worsted 100% baby llama yarn. It is simply stunning!

Blue Miski Minnie 01

A beautiful blue colour just like the ocean…

Blue Miski Minnie 03

So, so incredibly soft and warm…

Blue Miski Minnie 05

# 3 is my Black Signorina Minnie and is made from Moda Vera Signorina which is a an 8ply / DK 57% acrylic / 40% wool / 3% other yarn.

Minnie 01

Minnie 02

There’s a limit to how many photos you can take of an item that is just black!

Minnie 04

# 4 is my Grey Dalmatian Minnie made with Moda Vera Dalmatian which is a 12 ply / bulky 82% acrylic / 12% nylon yarn.

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 01

Synthetic fibres certainly have come a long way over the years. This yarn is incredibly soft and lends itself well to be a scarf.

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 04

I love the subtle pale blue in the yarn…

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 05

Dalmatian Grey Minnie 08

# 5 is my Green Splice Minnie made with Yatsal Craft Crochet Knitting Cotton which is a 4ply / fingering 100% plied cotton. I picked up two balls of this cotton at a second hand shop as I fell in love with the variegated effect of the colouring.

Green Splice Minnie 01

I love the stripe effect towards the ends and the pooling in the middle of the scarf.

Green Splice Minnie 03

Green Splice Minnie 08

A perfect little scarf for spring and autumn.

Green Splice Minnie 02

Have I convinced you that Minnie is a great scarf to knit??

I’m off to the inaugural meeting of the Queensland Bayside Yarn Club this afternoon for four hours!! It’ll be fun to meet some more crafty women and hopefully complete a project or two.

Until next time…


A Wonderful Holiday With Lots of Yarning!

My holiday has now come to a close for this year. I am so blessed to have been able to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful places in the country….Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast and the remaining time in the wonderful bayside suburb where I live.

I’ve completed lots of projects. Here is a few of them…

Age of Brass Steam 01-tile

Walked up to The Point a few mornings with my backpack and book and settled in at the coffee shop for a relaxing read…

Coffee at the Point 01

Coffee at the Point 02

Imagine looking at this every day!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 07

There is nothing like living right beside the water. I love it! It must have something to do with my Zodiac sign – Aquarius – the water bearer. I am only a few minutes walk away from this…

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 01

What bliss.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 02

When I walk to Cleveland Point after work in the summer, I sit here and watch the water and just zen out.

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 05

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 08

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 10

Mother nature at her best! What wonderful shades of blue!

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 14

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 13

Cleveland Point 11-8-14 11

There are great places for families to have picnics or barbeques. Plus there’s plenty of play equipment for the kids…


And we even have Queensland’s oldest Banyan Tree…



And on the way home from coffee I spotted this little cluster of beautiful mauve flowers…


And, of course, I found a yarn store in Noosaville called Sheep Thrills…

Sheep Thrills 08 24-7-14

And it wouldn’t be a regular blog post if I didn’t share some yarn purchases with you. I bought these last week at Spotlight…

Six balls of Moda Vera Hue which is a 70% acrylic / 30% wool bulky / 12 ply yarn.

Moda Vera Hue 01

Five balls of Moda Vera Dalmatian in this burgundy colourway. This yarn is an 82% acrylic / 18% nylon bulky / 12 ply.

Moda Vera Dalmatian Burgundy 01

And three balls in the grey colourway…

Moda Vera Dalmatian Grey 01

And lastly, two reels of this beautiful variegated green rayon which I hope to use to ply with some green merino I am yet to spin…

Green Rayon 01

Green Rayon 02-tile

And of course, I did quite a bit of spinning. This is what I’ve recently started spinning. Some ‘mongrel’ (I’m assuming this means a mixture of fibre; I bought it at the recent Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day). I’m spinning it on my Crofter wheel which I haven’t used to date and I must say I’m loving it!!!

Mongrel 01

It’s mainly a grey colour with little flecks of other bits and pieces in it.

Mongrel 02

Mongrel 03

As I close I would like to welcome all the new followers to my blog. Thank you so much for following my yarn adventures 🙂 I can always be contacted via the ‘Contact Me’ page along the top banner of my blog page. Please, please leave any comments as I reply to each and every comment left. I love the interaction this blog provides. Let me know what else you’d like me to blog about too.

Until next time…


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