A Spinning Wheel Package

Last week one of my friends contacted me to let me know of a spinning wheel and accessories that were being sold by someone she worked with. She sent me a picture of the items. As you can see everything is quite dusty and neglected. The total cost for the bundle was AU$50 which was a bargain as I was particularly interested in the spinning chair.

The following photos will show you before and after pictures once everything had been thoroughly cleaned with four coatings of a 50%/50% blend of boiled linseed oil / pure gum turps. It was certainly a labour of love as it took ages to get the wheel to its current gorgeous condition. That bobbin standing upright on the lazy kate looks like it’s been chewed by a dog!

spinning wheel

What an amazing transformation don’t you think? Oh and BTW that long thing on the left is called a squirrel cage swift and it’s used as a yarn winder. I had no idea but someone from the Ravelry Australian Spinning Wheels Group told me as I posted pictures of the wheel as I was trying to identify the maker.

Bundle 01

Mystery Wheel 01

The treadle certainly looks like it’s had a hard life but the linseed oil/gum turps gave it a bit of a lift.

Mystery Wheel 05

Crank 01

It’s hard to believe it’s the same spinning wheel. The wood is now gleaming! I cannot believe how parched the wood was. The first coat of oil/turps soaked in so quickly.

Crank 03

Flyer 02

Ironically, the hooks hadn’t rusted at all so I didn’t have to replace them.

Flyer 08

Look at those grungy old bobbins and lazy kate…

Lazy Kate 01

and look at these sparkling clean bobbins and lazy kate!

Lazy Kate 07

Chair 04

I love this spinning chair. Just need to find a nice comfy cushion for her.

Chair 09

The spinning wheel is extremely solid and quite heavy and I’m having a devil of a time trying to treadle and get the footman to turn the wheel so I have decided to sell the wheel and lazy kate on Ebay and keep the chair (which is really what took my fancy). All it needs is someone with some handyman expertise to get it going. I already have five spinning wheels and this one is taking up a bit of room.

Here’s some more pictures of squirrel cage swifts with a ball winders on top just to give you an idea of how they work.

squirrel cage swift

squirrel cage swift 2

Fingers crossed I can sell the spinning wheel on Ebay. A few more photos to finish off…

Flyer 07

Flyer 09

Tension Knob 04

Mystery Wheel 06

Until next time…