Plain Easy Green Socks……Pair # 18

As Kermit would say “it’s not easy being green”….unless you’re my plain easy green socks!

Sometimes when I’m ready to start knitting a new pair of socks and I’m not in the mood to follow a detailed pattern, I reach for this pattern as these socks are very basic and are ideal to knit using a self patterning sock yarn. The pattern comes from the Yarn Harlot’s book “Knitting Rules” – Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. This pattern is a great one to use when you feel your mind might be in a wandering mood while you’re knitting as you’ll spend lots of time going around in stocking stitch circles. But what makes it exciting is watching the yarn patterning emerge.

Easy Green Socks 1

The colourway of some sock yarns always amazes me. I would never have thought to throw the colour purple into this mix but somehow it just works. I cheated a bit with these socks and tried to start the second sock exactly at the same colour change position so both socks would look the same. I think I succeeded quite well, don’t you?



I love the look of this heel. So easy to knit and yet to a novice (like I was) it looked so difficult.


The yarn I used for these socks is Online Supersocke 100 and the colourway is Sport.

Online Sock Yarn 4

Online Sock Yarn 5

On a different note, yesterday I went to the Lifeline Book Fest in Brisbane City which is the largest second hand book sale in the world. It’s held twice a year in Brisbane…January and June. It’s also held in air conditioned comfort which was a must yesterday as it was another hot day in Brisbane.

There are literally millions of books to select from. This January’s sale runs for 10 days and each night the tables are replenished with more stock. It’s really hit and miss as to what you can find….some years are a bonanza and other not as much. This year was not a bonanza for me although I did finally get hold of a copy of Kate Morton’s “The Distant Hours” which I’d been after for a while. I also purchased another Scrabble board game for $7 with all the tiles intact. Plus a few older style knitting patterns and a couple of knitting books.

Plus, of course I bought a few more lovely notebooks to keep track of my row counts as I’m knitting my socks and other goodies. You can read about my notebooks under my ‘Essential Knitting Paraphernalia’ page. Here’s a picture of some of the notebooks I bought. They only cost 50c and $1. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Notebook Mel New

I will leave you now as I toddle off to do some more sock knitting. I have started Pair # 20. That’s right Pair # 19 is finished and ready to be photographed and featured in a blog over the next couple of weeks.

How can a person be bored when there’s so much knitting to be done!



Some of my latest sock creations

I’ve been dying to learn how to knit socks for ages. I’ve bought so many books and sock yarn and tried to teach myself but always gave up. In August this year, I went to a sock knitting class at Threads and More at Sherwood in Brisbane and finally learnt how to knit socks on five dpns. It is now three months later and I’ve just finished my 13th pair of socks. Just call me the sock monster! All my socks are featured on my Ravelry page along with any adjustments I made to the patterns.

These are my Rhubarb Cobblestone socks (Pair # 12) made with Regia Hand-Dye Effect sock yarn. I found the pattern on Ravelry and it’s so easy to knit. The yarn wasn’t the best to knit with as it became quite thin in places but I really love the colour.

These are Pair # 11 – Random Tracks socks. There’s a bit of a story behind this pattern…it was supposed to be the Cobblestone pattern just like Pair # 12 however I misread the pattern and rather than frog it I simply kept knitting and made my own pattern. Sometimes masterpieces can be made from mistakes! For rounds 5-8 I should have K2, P2, K2 and kept repeating, however, I K2, P2 and kept repeating which dramatically changed the pattern. Again these socks can be viewed in my Ravelry page. These socks were made in Wisdom Yarns Poems Socks. The colours are absolutely stunning and there was no rhyme nor reason how the colours appeared, however, the actual yarn was very difficult to knit with. It got very, very thin in places and then very, very thick in places and was quite a ‘furry’ yarn. I have another ball of this sock yarn so will have to persevere with it one more time!

Pair # 10 – my lovely Staggered Cable socks. Isn’t this yarn simply gorgeous….it’s Online Supersocke 100 and I love, love, love the colours in it. This pattern tested my cabling skills with socks….I was juggling six needles at a time!! This is such an easy pattern to follow and one I will use again.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sock adventures. More socks to come.