The Shambles Socks – Pair # 61

It’s not often I write a pattern for socks; usually I’m testing other patterns or searching for patterns on Ravelry. I’m pleased to say, here is one of my patterns.

When I visited York in the UK in the 1980s I distinctly remember visiting The Shambles. I was fascinated by the uneven cobblestone paving. This pattern reminds me of those cobblestones: a bit wonky and uneven.


All the more reason to call this pattern The Shambles Socks!

Shambles Socks 17

These socks are knitted cuff down. The pattern is easy to memorise as it just consists of some knitting, purling, k2tog, ssk and yo.

My sample is a Size 9 women’s (Australia; European size 40). Because this is a 16 sts repeat, it would be easier to go down a needle size if you wish to make a smaller pair or go up a needle size to make a larger pair.

Shambles Socks 07

I always like to read through a pattern and highlight any instructions that I think I’ll need to be alerted to when I reach a particular section. This tends to save time and hopefully will avoid the need to frog any knitting 🙂

I used the Eye of Partridge heel flap which gives a lovely subtle pattern.

Shambles Socks 11

The toe is a standard one: alternate rows of decreasing and knitting until you have five sts left on each needle and then simply graft close.

Shambles Socks 10These socks are not tight fitting; they have quite a bit of ease in them so if you like your socks to fit very firmly I would suggest you go down a needle size or two. I find my socks are very comfortable for wearing around the house, especially now the mornings are getting cooler as autumn fades into winter.

Shambles Socks 01

I used Patons Patonyle 4ply in the colour Tangerine Dream for my socks. The solid colour really shows off the pattern.

Shambles Socks 03

Hopefully, you’ll  enjoy knitting these socks as much as I did.

I’m now starting another test knit. Between that and knitting my Find Your Fade shawl/wrap and trying to do lots of spinning, I am quite busy! Here are my yarn selections for the Find Your Fade shawl/wrap. This is a massive knit and is going to take quite a while but it is easy and fun.

Find Your Fade choices

And to finish off, I pick up this little beauty at the Olde English Fair at Birkdale where I and some of my spinning friends were asked to demonstrate. As you can gather, I love these little bargains 🙂

Sheep from Olde English Fair

Here we are doing our demonstrating as well as lots of talking 🙂


Until next time…



Swirl E. Socks – Pair # 37

Since making my Dunedin Happy Feet Socks I’ve been in a sock knitting mood and have not long finished these socks called Swirl E.

Swirly E Socks Blue 03They’re a cuff down sock knitted on five dpns. The pattern is so easy and does not overpower the striping effect of the yarn.

Swirly E Socks Blue 05I must say out of all the beautiful sock yarns on the market today, you can’t really go past Patons Patonyle. It has such a wonderful stretch to it and feels lovely in your hands.

Patons Patonyle Sock Yarn BlueSwirly E Socks Blue 06I don’t often knit too much in blue but this yarn has been in my stash for quite a while so I thought I’d actually use it!. The patterning looks lovely and I even managed to get both socks almost identical!

Swirly E Socks Blue 02This pattern is by Susie White who’s known as prairiegirl on Ravelry. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry too.

Swirly E Socks Blue 07Another successful knitting project done and dusted. They’re very comfy too. I wore them last weekend 🙂

Swirly E Socks Blue 11Swirly E Socks Blue 04Swirly E Socks Blue 01I am busy packing for my holiday to Noosaville which is coming very, very soon so you can expect to hear from me more often while I’m away. Hopefully that is a good thing!

Until next time…



Lealt Socks – Pair # 35

Not long ago I felt the sudden desire to knit another pair of socks. I guess I was experiencing sock knitting withdrawal symptons! Who’d have thought that is actually a condition! I looked through my plethora of sock knitting patterns and suddenly remembered this little book that one of my spinning friends had given to me a couple of years ago. Thank you again Tricia 🙂

Vogue SocksUpon reading the book I found a lovely pattern called Lealt Socks which was not too easy and not too hard. In fact, it was just right 🙂

I actually had a similar coloured sock yarn in my stash to use. It’s Patons Patonyle and specifically made for socks.

Lealt Socks 03The socks came out a treat. You’ll have to excuse the colour variations in some of the photos which is due to the camera and taking photos outdoors I think.

Lealt Socks 08The heel is quite interesting too. Not sure how long you could wear these socks before the heel might start annoying you though.

Lealt Socks 11But you’d have to admit, it is very pretty.

Lealt Socks 13The Lealt pattern is quite exquisite too.

Lealt Socks 12This is the true colour of the yarn.

Lealt Socks 16Which is not too far removed from the colour of the yarn used in the pattern.

Lealt Socks 02Now I just need to wait patiently for winter to arrive so I can wear them!!

Lealt Socks 09Lealt Socks 07Lealt Socks 14To finish off I’d love to show you some little gifts I received on my birthday which was Friday the 13th. My friend Helen gave me this cute little sheep, a ball of bright orange 4ply cotton and she made the card too.

Helens presents 02And my friend Stephanie gave me a lovely fabric scarf with butterflies on it. Rather than using wrapping paper she used this gorgeous little orange basket and tied it with some orange ribbon. So clever and now I have this little basket that I can use.

Stephs present 01How lucky am I?

Until next time…


Nature Socks………….Pair # 30

The other night I finished a project and as I didn’t quite know what to start next (which is a major surprise considering the size of my stash!), I grabbed a ball of sock yarn and started knitting my ‘go to’ sock knitting pattern which requires hardly any thinking at all.

You guessed it….it’s the pattern that comes from the Yarn Harlot’s book “Knitting Rules” – Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and is an ideal pattern to use with self patterning sock yarn. Over 10,000 pairs of socks have been made using this pattern and recorded on Ravelry!!!!.

Nature Socks 01

I called these ‘Nature’ socks as the colours represent the colours of nature and also because I’m running out of names to call all my socks! They look rather lovely photographed against the backdrop of these lovely green plants.

Nature Socks 03

I love the solid coloured stripes followed by the self patterning stripes.

Nature Socks 07

Nature Socks 02

The sock yarn I used is Patons Patonyle which is a 4ply 80% merino / 20% nylon yarn. It’s great to work with and is known as Australia’s favourite merino sock blend for over 85 years! (Australian Country Spinners). That certainly says a lot!

I just fell in love with this yarn when I saw the colours.

Patons Patonyle Sock Yarn 6

I’ve been busily knitting away trying to finish my Cable Bias Scarf which is looking a treat. I’ve used my Zen Yarn Garden ART WALK series (# 3) yarn called  Starry Night. It’s a 10ply / worsted yarn and contains lovely shades of blue with a splash of green. It’s looking fabulous and I can’t wait to show it to you very soon.

One more look at my ‘Nature’ socks….

Nature Socks 09

Hope you’re having a great weekend full of yarnie and crafty goodness. Until next time…


And so the sock saga continues!

Pair # 6 are my very cool Lace Cuff Socks. I was so proud of myself when I finished these socks as they were my first foray into knitting something really different around the cuff. This pattern is from the September edition of the Australian Creative Knitting Magazine and was quite easy to follow. The yarn used is Patons Patonyle 4 ply which is a very easy yarn to knit with. A plain colour also really emphasises the pattern don’t you think?

Pair # 5 are my Fantasia 3 x 1 Ribbed Socks made using the Basic Ribbed Socks pattern which is another of the many free sock knitting patterns on Ravelry. I used Moda Vera Noir sock yarn which is a fantastic and reasonably priced yarn to knit with. It comes in some amazing self patterning designs and gorgeous coloursl This particular yarn is called ‘Fantasia’ hence the name of my socks. It was a sheer fluke to get the stripes on both socks to match.

Pair # 4 are my Plum socks. The yarn I used is Pro Socks Harmony. I quite like the effect…a bit like an indigenous painting don’t you think? This is the pattern I used when I was first taught to knit socks. It’s from the Lion Brand Yarn website and is called Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Socks and is a great pattern to start with.

Countdown to # 1…..three more pair of socks to come!