Clementine Playground Shawl

I’m proud to say this shawl is made from my own handspun yarn 🙂 I bought this merino wool batt at the Redlands Spinners & Weavers Open Day last year. Such beautiful colours.

Fibre 03It was fun to spin as the colours changed dramatically throughout.

Clementine 01 Clementine 02I plied the merino with some pale lime green boucle rayon (see picture above) that I had picked up at an Open Day. It’s similar in texture to this.

Boucle rayon.OLIVE.detail.1The end result was fantastic!

Clementine 07The pattern I used is the Playground Shawl which is a free pattern on Ravelry.

Clementine Playground Shawl 02I rather like these open mesh shawls as they grow quickly.

Clementine Playground Shawl 01I think this is a pattern I may have to revisit! It sits beautifully around my shoulders without the feeling that it’s going to slide off. This is probably more to do with the texture of the wool and boucle rayon.

Clementine Playground Shawl 05 Clementine Playground Shawl 07 Clementine Playground Shawl 08 Clementine Playground Shawl 09 Clementine Playground Shawl 10I have just celebrated a birthday and my lovely son, who always has a chuckle when he visits my place and sees all my toy sheep and crafty stuff, gave me these two cute little sheep.

Birthday Sheep from RichieI spent the afternoon with some wonderful friends at my Knit and Knatter group followed by dinner in the evening with my son and parents. It was the best birthday ever 🙂

These cute little sheep joined my flock recently. They were spotted in some Opp Shops and literally jumped right into my arms!

Sheep Cushions 01Sheep Cushions 02I’ve been busy practising weaving on my brand new Ashford 50cm Knitter’s Loom which I will show you in due course. I’m so fortunate to have an Ashford agent in my spinning group as I can ask lots of questions and get lots of help.

That’s all my news for now. Suffice it say, I am kept very busy with all my crafts: knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, Addi machine knitting, inkle weaving and now weaving on a larger loom 🙂

Until next time…