More Simple Skyp Socks

I have made these socks previously but this pattern appears to be a ‘go to’ pattern for me as the finished socks always look great! It’s a free pattern I found on Ravelry called Simple Skyp Socks and they sure are simple. They’re a cuff down pattern and I use five dpns. I can’t seem to deviate from cuff down despite knowing that toe up socks are better when you have limited yarn and can only use half for one sock.

Skyp Socks Blue Purple 02Skyp Socks Blue Purple 03Skyp Socks Blue Purple 04

I used two 50g balls of Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett 4-fädig which is an amazing sock yarn as it comes in so many lovely colours.

The second pair also uses the same yarn but in other very vivid colours.

Simple Skyp Socks 01Simple Skyp Socks 02

The colours are so vibrant; they stripe well and give great stitch definition.

Simple Skyp Socks 03Simple Skyp Socks 05Simple Skyp Socks 06Simple Skyp Socks 07

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a simple pattern to add some interest to your socks. I highly recommend this pattern!

As summer rolls into Brisbane I’m not sure why I’m still knitting socks but it seems to be an obsession with me!!

I’ve also been in quite a massive decluttering mode and going through my entire stash and selling the yarn I know I probably won’t use. I seem to gravitate towards 4ply and a bit of 2ply so most of my 8ply wool is now sold. Next I’ll start on all the baby yarn I own and try and destash most of it.

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Yarning about yarn stuff

In September whilst surfing through Ravelry, I spotted a request by Rebecca from Augustbird who was looking for some test yarn knitters so I put my hand up to knit a pair of women’s socks and test their White Gum sock yarn.

Augustbird Socks 01

I used the Simple Skyp Socks pattern so I also received a complimentary copy of the gorgeous Cloudfall Cowl. For my efforts, Rebecca provided me with a $40 voucher to spend on her yarn.  I used the Simple Skyp pattern as I had previously knitted a pair of socks using this pattern and they turned out particularly comfortable. I was also asked to start a Ravelry project page which I did. These are the Skyp socks made using Augustbird’s yarn in the colourway ‘Ink’.

Augustbird Socks 5-10-14 01

This is an easy pattern to memorise and adds just a bit of interest rather than plain stockinette stitch.

Augustbird Socks 5-10-14 03

I sent off the completed socks to Rebecca and received my $40 voucher so I checked out Augustbird’s website but was disappointed as the October colourway called ‘Songbird’ had sold out. It was such a gorgeous display of colours. My luck changed, however, when I spotted a  FB post declaring there were a couple more skeins of Songbird to be had! I was as fast as a sprinter off the blocks to get those two skeins and here they are!

Augustbird songbird Multi 01

Augustbird songbird More Blue 01

This skein is White Gum Wool Sock which is an 80% ethical superfine merino / 20% nylon yarn and the colourway is Songbird More Blue.

Augustbird songbird More Blue 02

Augustbird songbird More Blue 03

Augustbird songbird More Blue 04

And this skein is White Gum Wool 4ply which is a 100% ethical superfine merino wool and the colourway is Songbird.

Augustbird songbird Multi 02

I got a bit carried away taking photos as the wool is just so incredibly gorgeous!

Augustbird songbird Multi 03

Augustbird songbird Multi 04

Each skein was $28 so I only had to pay the $16 difference plus postage. It was worth it as I now have two gorgeous skeins of yarn to stash until I find the right pattern. I really enjoyed the test knit as I was in the mood to knit another pair of socks.

A couple of weeks ago as I was looking through Ebay at spinning wheels for sale (something I do quite often and shouldn’t!), I found this rather unusual Australian wooden carving of a woman at a spinning wheel for sale. Well, I just had to have it so I clicked on ‘Add to Cart’ and voila! it was mine.

Carved spinning lady 05

It really is quite exquisite and is one more knick knack to add to my ever burgeoning collection of all things yarn, spinning and sheep!

Carved spinning lady 04

I also seem to spend a bit of time on Facebook catching up with friends and posting photos of my spinning wheel purchases and yarn projects. One page I have ‘liked’ is the Australian Lincraft page and last month they ran a competition for their I Love Yarn Day 2014 asking what was your favourite Lincraft yarn and why.

Lincraft competition

Last year I crocheted Mum a lovely throw using Lincraft Cosy wool and gave it her for Mother’s Day. She loves it!

Mums Throw 01

The colours were quite unusual and really matched Mum’s lounge room so I used this photo and similar words and posted them on the Lincraft competition page – see bottom right of the picture below.

Lincraft mel

What a lovely surprise to receive a comment under my photo letting me know that I’d won one of the yarn packs which arrived this week. The pack contains five balls of Lincraft Air which is a super bulky yarn made with 78% acrylic / 17% nylon (polyamide) / 5% wool. The yarn uses size 10mm needles.

Lincraft Air 01

I’ve decided I’ll knit the scarf and hat from the pattern I also won. Hopefully, I’ll have them made by next winter! Or maybe I should aim for March next year as I’m cruising around New Zealand in April and I’m sure it’ll be a bit nippy on board as well as on land where I aim to try and visit some yarn shops (surprise, surprise!).

Lincraft Air 03

And lastly, I found this cute little terracotta sheep near my Mum’s front door. She’d been doing a bit of re-arranging of her garden ornaments which is why I’ve never seen it before. “Is that a sheep Mum?” I asked. “Yes it is, would you like it?” she replied. Of course, you know what my answer was don’t you? It now resides near my back sliding door.

Terracotta sheep 02

Terracotta sheep 03That’s enough yarning for now!

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Simple Skyp Socks – Pair # 33

It had been ages since I’d made a pair of socks so during my July holidays I started these gorgeous socks from a free pattern I found on Ravelry. They’re called Simple Skyp Socks and they sure are simple.

Simple Skyp Socks 01

I love the easy to memorise two row repeat which certainly helped me to get into the rhythm of the pattern.

Simple Skyp Socks 03

And for once I selected a solid colour that would really show off the very smart stitch definition.

Simple Skyp Socks 05

The yarn I selected is Dyed By Hand YarnsTough Stocking in the colourway called Turmeric. It’s a 75% merino / 15%  nylon yarn and was beautiful to knit with.


In total I used 66g of yarn and also used 2.5mm dpns.

Simple Skyp Socks 10

Over 3,400 pairs of this particular sock pattern have been used and recorded on Ravelry!!

Simple Skyp Socks 12

This is definitely a ‘come back to’ pattern. It’s a step up from a plain vanilla pattern and yet easy enough to knit when you’re chatting with friends as the pattern is not overly intricate but certainly looks effective.

Simple Skyp Socks 15

Now for a little bit of exciting news. I responded to a request on a recent Ravelry forum to test some sock yarn for an Aussie online yarn dyer and I opted to knit a pair of socks so I am using the same pattern to trial the sock yarn. I’ll be posting updates on my Ravelry page as I go so you can drop in at any time to have a look!

The sock yarn arrived today in the mail and I’ve already taken some photos. Here it is…

Augustbird Socks 01

Aside from my favourite autumn colours, I do love all the different shades of blue. This particular colourway is called ‘Ink’ and I must say I love it!

Augustbird Socks 02

One last look at my Simple Skyp Socks and then I’m off to wind this skein into a ball so I can get started!

Simple Skyp Socks 02

And I’m off to Knit and Knatter tomorrow. We’ll be at the Redland Performing Arts Centre in conjunction with a Suitcase Rummage that is being held there at 11am. Should be an exciting day! Every weekend is now filled with lots of fibre happenings 🙂

Until next time…