Leaves on the Line Shawl

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve used quite a lot of Susan Ashcroft’s patterns for scarves. Susan’s Ravelry name is stitchnerd. The first one was my Samothrace Wings Scarf, followed by another Samothrace Wings Scarf in a gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden yarn, followed by the Starry Night Cable Bias Scarf, the Serengeti Cable Bias Scarf, the Leafy Bias ScarfChameleon Bias Scarf and the Tangerine Yolo Shawl. You could almost say I’m addicted to Susan’s patterns!

The wonderful Susan offered me any one of her patterns to select from (including any ebook). I had been eyeing off the Leaves, Leaves, Leaves ebook for a while so I selected it. This stunning pattern is Leaves on the Line.

Leaves on Leaves 01

As with all Susan’s patterns I’ve made to date, there’s always quite a bit of garter stitch which helps your project to grow faster by the minute.

Leaves on Leaves 03

Here is the shawl in all its glory…

Leaves on Leaves 04

I am so happy with the finished shawl. It sits beautifully and the match between the pattern and the yarn is perfect.

Leaves on Leaves 07

The yarn I used is Shorn FibersTuff Sock which is Blue Faced Leicester nylon fingering / 4ply yarn and the colourway is Urchin.

Shorn Fibers Urchin 04

Leaves on Leaves 12

The delicate leaf edging is simply beautiful and adds a wonderful touch to the shawl.

Leaves on Leaves 10

I have worn this shawl to work and it is beautifully soft around my neck.

Leaves on Leaves 08

The other two patterns in the ebook are Leaf Loop and Leaves in a Line. The latter pattern is made using Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball and I have a few balls of this yarn so I might even use one of them.

I had a wonderful time at my local Knit and Knatter gathering yesterday. We laughed so much which is so good for the soul.

I’m off to do some spinning now!

Until next time…


Tangerine Yolo Shawl

When I first saw this shawl I knew instantly that I wanted to make one. I think it was a combination of the mock cabling and the colour of the yarn! Unfortunately, at that stage the pattern hadn’t been written so I had to wait patiently for it. Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have made a number of scarves from patterns written by Susan Ashcroft (aka stichnerd on Ravelry).

The first one was my Samothrace Wings Scarf, followed by another Samothrace Scarf in a gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden yarn, followed by the Starry Night Cable Bias Scarf, the Serengeti Cable Bias Scarf, the Leafy Bias Scarf and the Chameleon Bias Scarf. You could almost say I’m addicted to Susan’s patterns!

Susan has very kindly given me permission to show you the photo that I fell in love with.

stitchnerd yolo

When I realised the Yolo Scarf pattern was available I instantly purchased it and had the scarf completed in less than a week. Because I still had the memory of that beautiful orange yarn that Susan used, I selected some gorgeous tangerine yarn that I’d purchased from A Chronic Yarnolohic’s Ebay store a while ago. I have since bought the last remaining four balls of this yarn as I love it sooooo much. I may attempt to knit my own mock cable hat….unless anyone can point me in the direction of an easy to knit hat that features mock cabling??

The yarn is Mirasol Tuhu which is a 50% baby llama / 40% merino / 10% angora blend. It is so beautifully soft and squishy and feels glorious against the skin. It’s an 8ply / DK yarn and I used size 5.00mm needles for this project.

Here it is…… my beautiful Tangerine Yolo Shawl.

Tangerine Yolo 001

I have always loved mock cables as they’re so, so easy to knit and yet look a lot more complicated than they actually are.

Tangerine Yolo 05

I used exactly four balls of yarn to make the scarf and was left with only a small amount of yarn.

Mirasol 'Tuhu' 02

It only required very light blocking.

Tangerine Yolo 04

I love the faint lines that show the increases.

Tangerine Yolo 08

I would highly recommend this pattern, particularly if you’re looking for something that is easy, doesn’t take too much concentration (particularly if you’re talking at the same time) and looks fantastic.

Tangerine Yolo 002

Tangerine Yolo 02

Tangerine Yolo 03

Tangerine Yolo 12

Tangerine Yolo 09

On another note, if you are interested, I have also just started building a website for my local spinners group: The Redland Spinners & Weavers Inc. The group will celebrate its 36th year on 8 August and I am keen to uploads lots of information of the group’s history throughout the last 36 years. I am so excited as it’s starting to look quite good as I add more information and pictures.

On Sunday I will be demonstrating spinning at the Sandgate Police Citizens Youth Club at The Homegrown Movement’s Trade Off Day. This is their first trade off day so I don’t quite know what to expect but it should be fun.

And tomorrow I’m off to Knit and Knatter again. Love these social crafty get togethers with my fibre friends!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with yarnie goodness! Until next time…


Garrowby Hill Scarf

Woo hoo! This is second UFO I have completed and I’m feeling quite chuffed I might add. I started this scarf in mid October and finished it at the end of November. It’s the third scarf I’ve made using this pattern….Samothrace Wings Scarf….designed by Susan Ashcroft (Stitchnerd on Ravelry).

Garrowby Hill Scarf 01

Garrowby Hill Scarf 02

The yarn I used was the fourth offering in the Zen Yarn Garden ART WALK Series. It’s Serenity Silk + which is a lace / 2 ply 70% merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk yarn. It is gloriously soft and squishy.

David Hockney Garrowby Hill 05

The colourway is called Garrowby Hill and is based on the colours in David Hockney’s painting of the same name.

David Hockney Garrowby Art Walk b 4

Because this is a lace / 2ply yarn and the skein holds 500 yards the scarf is thinner and longer than my others. This is perfect for wrapping around my neck a couple of times on those cold winter’s mornings when I walk to work.

Garrowby Hill Scarf 06

I love all the different bright colours which together look like a rainbow.

Garrowby Hill Scarf 07

This scarf is particularly easy to knit as it’s all garter stitch and some short rows.

Garrowby Hill Scarf 09

I am so pleased to have finally finished this scarf. Watch this space for more completed UFOs!

I am now off to my Saturday Knit and Knatter with the lovely ladies from the Redlands Spinners and Weavers group. Hope you’re having a great weekend too.

Until next time…


Chameleon Bias Scarf

This was one of the projects mentioned in my UFO post recently. It is now finished! This is another Stitchnerd pattern and as I’ve said numerous times before, they’re easy to knit but also have some detail to make them interesting….as you can see. This is my Chameleon Bias Scarf.

Chameleon Scarf 06

It’s not often I knit with a solid colour so I am very happy with the result of this beautiful scarf.

Chameleon Scarf 07

It looks and feels so lush and snuggly.

Chameleon Scarf 02

The garter stitch makes it a very portable project to take when you’re at a knitting group and you don’t have numerous pattern stitches to remember. The detail on the edge shows up so well against this cream yarn.

Chameleon Scarf 03

The yarn I used is Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8ply which is a 70% wool / 30% alpaca yarn and is lovely to knit with. I used 4.5mm needles as the yarn is quite a thick 8ply. Five balls were used in this scarf.

Cleckheaton Perfect Day Cream 01

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the size of the scarf. It’s asymmetrical too.

Chameleon Scarf 05

Chameleon Scarf 04

I’m a little bit chuffed as the pattern designer (Susan Ashcroft) requested wether two of my pictures could be displayed on her pattern page. So if you click on this link my scarf is shown on the left hand side….2nd and 5th pictures.

Chameleon Scarf 08

I’ve had a bit of a harrowing day as there is a water leak in my townhouse and my plumber has narrowed it down as being under the garage concrete slab! I now have a couple of holes in the walls as well as some of the pavers near my front door beside the water meter have been removed and a hole dug. A special part needs to be ordered before it can be rectified so for the next few days I have to turn my water meter on and off as I need water so that the water damage is not exacerbated. This is very painful to say the least. You don’t realise how many times a day you actually need to turn on a tap!

I keep trying to keep it all in perspective as in the big scheme of things this is not a major catastrophe and it will be fixed. I need to knit to keep me calm 🙂

That’s my weekend so far. Until next time…


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My UFOs are steadily increasing….time to take control!

It wasn’t that long ago that I had my UFOs under reasonable control but now they’re getting out of hand again. I don’t know about you but when I’m knitting or crocheting a garment I’m also thinking of the next item to make and suddenly I have to start it straight away. Hence the increase in my UFOs. And it’s even worse when I buy a new bundle of yarn; I’m instantly planning more projects.

I’m embarrassed to say that I started this Curly Wurly Scarf around January 2012. The yarn is from a job lot I purchased on Ebay. I believe it’s an acrylic yarn. I can’t read the ball band as it’s written in an Asian language. This was in the days before I started buying beautiful wools and alpacas so that’s why the scarf has been languishing. The colour is a bit dull too. If I finish the scarf I probably won’t wear it anyway. Might be okay for a little girl’s dress up scarf. The pattern is from an Australian knitting magazine.

Curly Wurly Scarf 01

I started this vest in July 2012. I’ve finished one side and am about 1/3 of the way through the front. I’m dreading picking up the stitches around the armholes and neckline. And since I’ve found an easier vest pattern which I’ve talked about here, here and here, I’m so not interested in finishing this vest 😦

01 Mock Cable Vest 01These crocheted squares are modelled on the Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket from the book The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket. I first made this blanket in acrylic and told you about it here and then made it with Cascade 220 10 ply / worsted wool and told you about it here. As you can see I am quite taken with this pattern. This is a long term project and I am in no real hurry to complete it. I’m not sure how large it will be; that will depend on how much yarn I bought.

02 Green Starburst Throw 01

This is my Autumn Fern Moebius. I started this on 4 August 2013 and I have lost interest because the pattern needs a lot of concentration which I find hard going at times. I love the yarn from Dyed By Hand Yarns in the colourway Spotted Gum.

03 Autumn Mobius 01

This tubular scarf is made from the pattern on the band of the yarn which is  Moda Vera Chantilly a 70% acrylic / 30% milk protein yarn. I don’t have much more knitting to do with this scarf so I really should attempt to complete it shouldn’t I? I mean, it’s only knitting around and around in circles.

04 Tubular Scarf 01

I started this scarf on 14 October 2013 and this will be the third Samothrace Wings Scarf that I have made. Another Stitchnerd pattern. The other two scarves can be viewed here. The yarn is from Zen Yarn Garden’s ARTWALK series and it’s called Garrowby Hill. It’s Serenity Silk + which is a 75% superwash merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk (lace 2ply). This yarn is simply beautiful. I’m pleased to say I’m making inroads and should be finished soon.

05 Garrowby Hill Scarf 01This scarf was started on 26 October 2013. The pattern is the Pleated Pattern Scarf and the yarn is Shorn Fibers Single DK which is a 40% Baby Alpaca 40% Merino 20% Silk yarn blend. The colourway way is called Autumn Leaves and it’s gorgeous. I’m still debating whether the colourway and pattern are clashing. I think maybe a solid yarn would be better to show off the pattern and maybe use the yarn to make a scarf that has a cable detail.

06 Pleated Pattern Scarf 01

The pattern from these socks comes from the book called Socktopus. These are my Rusty Rocks Socks although the pattern is called V Junkie socks. The yarn I’m using is Skein’s Top Draw Sock in the colourway Rusty Rock. I’ve finished the first sock and am knitting the leg part of the second one so I’m over half way through.

07 Rusty Rock Socks 01

This is another Stitchnerd pattern called Chameleon Bias Scarf and it’s knitted in Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8ply which is a 70% wool / 30% alpaca and is deliciously soft and beautiful. Technically, it’s not a UFO because I’ve finished it but I’m just debating whether or not to block it. You’ll be seeing this one featured very soon.

08 Chameleon Bias Scarf 01

And finally, I started this Ripple Stitch Blanket on 8 November 2013 using the recently purchased Panda Magnum Soft 8ply acrylic. Each ball of yarn which weighs 100g will do seven rows. I started with 241 chains. If you visit this website you are provided with an excellent tutorial on how to do this version of the ripple stitch. It is set out so well and very easily understood.

09 Ripple Blanket 01

How many UFOs do you have and are you determined to reduce them? I’m desperately trying not to start another project until I’ve finished at least three of my UFOs. Let’s see how I go will we?

Until next time…


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